Do you need to monitor the non-production version of your website or web server, but it uses the same domain as your active site?  We can help you out with that using HTTP and HTTPS website and web service monitor types using host headers. (Note: This functionality is not supported in Real Browser Monitors, Full Page Checks, or Transaction Monitoring)

To monitor your non-production site or service you need two things:

  1. The URL to which the web server is listening.
  2. The IP address of the server we need to access.

Setting up the monitor

Using either an HTTP/HTTPS website or web service monitor:

  1. In the URL field, invert the IP address of the server we need to access with the domain name. For example:
  2. On the Advanced tab, enter "host:" for example:
Note: To make sure you reach the correct site or service add content unique to the non-production site and use a content match (on the Alert conditions tab).