Real User Monitoring is made available at no additional cost during the beta period in the form of an unrestricted RUM trial.

How long will RUM be in beta?

The duration of the beta period will be a limited time window for all Uptrends accounts and trial accounts. After the beta period, RUM will be a paid service. Customers who want to keep using RUM can upgrade their RUM trial by paying an additional fee as part of their regular Uptrends subscription. Customers who do not want to continue using RUM after the beta period will lose access to their RUM data but will not be charged. For more information about pricing, please keep an eye on our Pricing page, or contact your account manager.

What happens after the beta period?

Once we decide that the beta period will end, the transition will be announced on our websites, blog, social media (follow us on Twitter!) and in newsletters. After the announcement, there will be a grace period of at least one month, so each Uptrends customer or trial user can decide whether they want to continue using RUM.

Are there any limitations during the beta period?

Some limitations will apply during the beta period:

  • The number of pageviews will be limited to 3 million per month.
  • The number of websites will be limited to 5.
  • The number of unique pages will be limited to 2500 per website.

The intention of the RUM beta is to give customers early access to the full range of new features. The RUM product is fully supported. All existing terms and conditions for the Uptrends service also apply to Real User Monitoring.

How can I deliver my feedback?

Some details may still be changed based on customer feedback or other design decisions. Your feedback is highly appreciated, please submit a support ticket.

Please note that Uptrends retains the right to enforce further restrictions or temporarily disable certain features during the beta period.