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Uptrends offers a number of products to monitor your internal and external servers and services. The products come as SaaS (software as a service). To get an overview of the products, check out the dedicated product pages Uptrends Synthetics, Uptrends Real User Monitoring, and Uptrends Infra.

If you want to test drive one (or more) of the products, you have to get a free trial account. Visit Start your free trial, choose a subscription plan and hit the Try it for free for 30 days button to request a trial account.

Once you’re logged into the Uptrends app with your new trial account, you should take a tour of the Uptrends user interface.

Uptrends Synthetics

Uptrends RUM

Uptrends Infra

Account setup

Data interpretation and reporting

Account access and billing

Learn about the terminology

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