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The Knowledge Base contains frequently asked technical questions, and their answers. If you're looking for a step-by-step guide for getting started, please try the Uptrends Academy.

Uptrends Synthetics


Working with HTTP(S) monitors.

Full page check

Questions regarding Full Page Checks and Third Party Monitoring.


Recording and uploading transactions and troubleshooting transaction monitoring.

API Monitoring/Web services

Setting up API/Web Service monitoring in Uptrends.


Analyzing DNS results and errors.


Setting up FTP & SFTP monitors.

Mail Server Monitors

Monitoring your SMTP, POP3, and IMAP mail servers.

Network Checks

Monitoring your network availability externally.

Real Browser Check

Explanation of the Real Browser Check.

SSL Certificate Monitors

Monitoring your SSL Certificates.

Database Server Monitors

Monitoring your MySQL and SQL Server database servers.

Monitor settings

Questions about basic monitor settings, error conditions, advanced settings, and maintenance periods.

Concurrent monitoring

In Uptrends you can monitor two ways - standard or concurrent. The concurrent option is described here.


View all checkpoint related questions.

Uptrends Infra


How to install, run and use the Uptrends Infra agent.


Infra has its own API. See how you can use it.

Devices and sensors

Working with your devices and sensors.

Accounts and security

How do we handle security in Uptrends Infra?


Learn about setting up your Infra alerts.

Uptrends RUM

Real User Monitoring (RUM)

Everything you need to know to set up Real User Monitoring.

Account Setup

Account settings

General account settings.


Set up and troubleshoot alerts and messages.


Questions about operators, operator groups, and authorizations.


Managing SLA objectives.

Sub Accounts

Understanding and setting up Sub Accounts.


Safe storage for usernames/passwords, public keys and certificates.

Integrations and Webhooks

Integrate with tools like Slack, PagerDuty, VictorOps and Microsoft Teams or build your own integration.

Reporting and Dashboards

Dashboards & Public Status Pages

Working with dashboards, tiles and Public Status Pages.


Data interpretation, exporting data.

Error analysis

Interpreting errors, error types, and error codes.


Using the API to retrieve data from your Uptrends account.


Account access

Login and registration problems.

Single Sign-on

Setting up Single Sign-on login options.

Payments and subscriptions

Account changes, billing and pricing, custom quotes.

Feature Requests

FAQs and explanation of the feature request policy and procedures.

Mobile apps

Mobile app settings

Explanation about settings in the mobile apps.

What is?

Synthetic Monitoring

Learn the concept of Synthetic Monitoring by the basics.

Real User Monitoring

Real User Monitoring explained step-by-step.

Website Monitoring

Learn about the different types of web monitoring.

Web Application Monitoring

Transaction monitoring in simple terms.

Web Performance Monitoring

Understanding Web Performance and the different options available.

Website Uptime

Learn what we mean when we talk about website uptime.

Website Downtime

What is website downtime and how can you avoid it.

API Monitoring

What exactly is API Monitoring, and picking the right monitor type for your API.

DNS Monitoring

Understanding DNS and your different options for monitoring your DNS records.