Website Monitoring & Server Monitoring

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The complete Synthetic Monitoring toolkit.

Synthetic Monitoring

Monitor your website for availability with a real browser, using our 154 global checkpoint servers.

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Web Application Monitoring

Ensure that all of your critical multi-step website transactions are up and performing optimally, 24/7.

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Website Performance Monitoring

Quickly identify the source of website performance bottlenecks.

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Mobile Website Monitoring

Safeguard your website performance on different mobile devices, screen sizes, and pixel ratios.

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We also offer solutions for Internal and External Server Monitoring!

Elegantly simple. Advanced features.

154 Worldwide Locations

Our monitoring checkpoints are in major cities all over the world, so you see exactly what your users see.

Multi Browser Monitoring

Monitor in 3 different browsers with Multi Browser Monitoring. Render a page the same way your users do.

Export and share data

What good is data, if it can’t be shared? Deliver yours to team-members via PDF, Excel, or e-mail.

Alert Escalations

Set up multiple alert escalations to have the right people notified when a problem occurs.

One Minute Monitoring

Make sure you don't miss anything. Monitor uptime with intervals as short as one minute apart.

Free Mobile Apps

Stay “in the know” about your website status, with mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Public Status Page

Display your website availability and load times with Uptrends’ fully customizable Public Status Pages!

Error Screenshots

How does your site look when it's down? Find out with error snapshots (even in transactions!).

Discover some of our other great website monitoring features!

Make better decisions quickly.

Collect real user data for advanced root cause analysis

With Uptrends, you have powerful data gathering tools which can help you efficiently pinpoint the origin of a problem.

Your data, the way you want it

Get complete control of your network device, server, and website monitoring data with easy-to-use, highly customizable dashboards and reporting options.

Your personal downtime signal

Uptrends confirms a services' downtime and sends alerts via SMS, email, phone, and push notifications. You can create custom escalation levels and plan maintenance at will.

Be a better team player

With our simple (yet powerful) team controls, you can quickly give and share access to individual reports, dashboards, and alerts with any member of your organization.

“We use Uptrends website monitoring for 24-hour surveillance of our shop performance.”Sebastian Graf, Project Manager E-commerce at Schiesser
“Uptrends is a must have for our web operations department. We can't live without it.”Daniel Österhof, Head of Operations at EPiServer
“The difference Uptrends has made to the DHL customer experience has been in-measurable.”Kelly Griffin, Senior Director CIM at DHL

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