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Uptrends is an external website monitoring service that monitors your website uptime, web applications and website performance from 136 checkpoints located worldwide. Uptrends Infra can help you monitor every aspect of your Windows server, Linux server and other devices in your network.

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“Uptrends is a must have for our web operations department. We are a global company and with the full range of features included in Uptrends we have the ability to monitor and alert on services from both a local and a global view.” —Daniel Österhof, Head of Operations at EPiServer
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Cloud-based Website Monitoring

Know when your website is experiencing downtime, from the get-go

When it comes to delivering your customers the best possible online experience, uptime and performance mean everything. Uptrends Website Monitoring enables you to monitor your uptime and performance using any number of our 136 global checkpoints , 24/7. When an issue arises, the service alerts you via SMS or e-mail so that you can access your data, view detailed reports, and try to solve the problem by performing an advanced root-cause analysis using snapshots of errors and automatic traceroutes.
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Web Application Monitoring

Monitor multi-step transactions by simulating real users

Monitoring your website multi-step transactions has never been easier, thanks to the combination of our web application monitoring and our downloadable Transaction Recorder. Using a real browser and an automated script generated by the recorder, Uptrends monitors logins, shopping carts, and forms for metrics that include page load times, and errors. When the unforeseen happens and your site encounters a performance problem, the service delivers reports to help you identify exactly what has happened and how to fix it.
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Web Performance Monitoring

Monitor your website performance, and 3rd party scripts

Website speed and reliability mean everything - after all, users won't stay on a slow, unreliable site. Uptrends Web Performance Monitoring helps you keep track of website performance trends, and bottlenecks, so that you can come up with an effective optimization solution. Page response time, send-wait-receive time, page element size, and DNS and connection time can all be monitored and shown within detailed waterfall reports, helping you determine which page elements are negatively affecting your website performance. Even 3rd party scripts like social media plugins, advertisements, and videos can be tracked and reported on. Uptrends gets you the data that you need to enhance your website reliability and speed, and positively influence your user experience. Learn more about Web Performance Monitoring →

Web Performance Monitoring
Web Performance Monitoring

Internal Network Monitoring and Server Monitoring

Monitor your server and network devices from the Cloud

Uptrends Infra is an internal network and server monitoring service that works from the Cloud, right out of the box. Our network and server monitoring service is agent-based monitoring from the Cloud for all your network devices, including servers, routers, switches, printers, PCs and more. It can be used to monitor everything in your Windows server or Linux server, such as the CPU, disk space, processes and memory. Access a variety of protocols right out of the box—such as SNMP, WMI, connect, ping (ICMP) and more.

Network Monitoring Data

Uptrends Features

Uptrends and Uptrends Infra make it easy to monitor your website, server, and network devices
  • Monitor globally, 24/7

    You can bring your server, network device, and website monitoring setup with you on the go, with the free Uptrends iOS, Android, and Windows Phone app. The app enables you to view your uptime and performance status, receive push notifications, and edit your account settings.

  • Track your full setup

    The possibilities are endless! Uptrends can monitor your website, web applications, client certificates, and web services (SOAP, REST API) for uptime and performance. If you’re looking to monitor your server or network devices, Uptrends Infra can keep track of your servers (Windows or Linux), routers, printers, and more.

  • Your data, personalized

    Choose which data you would like to collect, and how you would like it presented, with just a few clicks. You can export your data to .CSV or .PDF, schedule automated e-mail reports, or share reports with individual team members and customers. Controlling your data has never been easier!

  • All the contacts you need

    Hand-pick an unlimited number of contacts that you would like to have access to your data, each with the capability to have customized dashboards. You choose what they see and control who gets what alerts, and when. Uptrends give you total control!

  • Root-cause analysis

    Downtime and performance problems happen. Our server, network device, and website monitoring services give you the tools to pinpoint what happened and where, so that you can fix the problem. It is your go-to guide to performing an advanced root-cause analysis!

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Your data, the way you want it

Control every aspect of your server, network, and website monitoring experience

The types of data you gather is essential to maximizing uptime and optimizing for performance, but any amount of data can prove useless without being able to effectively view it the way that you need to. Uptrends and Uptrends Infra give you complete control over your collected data, with easy-to-use, highly-customizable dashboards, robust reports, user permissions, and alerts.

Custom Dashboards Website Monitoring

Custom Dashboards

Control and monitor your website, server, and network data by creating any number of custom dashboards based on a series of pre-made templates. Pick and choose your tiles, graphs, and data options, and have your most highly-valued metrics displayed where you want.

Default Dashboards

Sometimes creative options can be overwhelming, and that’s okay. Uptrends offers premade default dashboards that display our most commonly accessed tiles, graphs, and data options so that you can start monitoring immediately!

E-mail reports and export data

Sharing your data with team members and customers has never been easier, thanks to Uptrends. Export to .CSV or .PDF, tailor-make automated e-mail reports, or use the API to transfer the data to an environment of your own choosing.

View reports on any device

View real-time reports on a PC, tablet or smartphone. Wherever you are—from the office to the beach—, we give you access and help optimize your network and website performance.

Uptrends goes wherever you go

Receive push-notifications, SMS, and e-mail alerts

Threats to your performance and uptime don’t just disappear because you step out of the office for the day. Uptrends helps you stay “in the know,” alerting you of problems via SMS and e-mail or with push notifications through our iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps.

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