Website Monitoring Apps for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone

Easily manage settings, view uptime status and get push notifications. Everything is ready on your mobile phone.

Certainly there are times when it is not possible to view reports on your PC. We have developed the free Uptrends app for iPhone, Android and Windows so you can easily manage settings, view the uptime status and get push notifications in the event of a failure, right at your mobile phone or tablet. From your office to the beach, we give you access.

Uptrends Website Monitoring iPhone App
iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Uptrends App for iOS

Get the benefit of 24/7 access to all your website performance and server data, including uptime status, errors and load time. Download our free iOS app and use it on your iPhone or iPad. Easily manage the settings of your Uptrends account. Receive push notifications in the event of an issue with your website or server.


Uptrends App for Android

Uptrends gives you the ability to monitor your website performance anytime and anywhere. So, now you are free to close that laptop and get away from the office. Uptrends covers it all for you. Simply download our free Android app from the Google Play store. View the Uptrends status, error and load time reports and manage settings on your Android phone.

Uptrends Website Monitoring Android App
Uptrends Website Monitoring Windows Phone App
Windows Phone

Uptrends App for Windows Phone

Easily manage your Uptrends account on your Windows Phone with just a few clicks. View detailed reports on errors, status and load time with our free Windows Phone app. If your website or server goes down, you will immediately be notified. So, why wait for trouble to occur when you can stop it in its tracks?