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Synthetic Monitoring

Run automated tests to see how users experience your website

Uptrends Synthetic Monitoring uses a web browser emulation to simulate the kinds of actions a user would take on your site.

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Your user experience starts with a page load

Website availability

Improve uptime

Your users are going to be accessing your website 24/7 from all over the globe, and you can’t afford even a moment of downtime or else your visitors will go somewhere else. Uptrends helps keep your website up.

Website performance

Enhance site performance

Is your website loading slowly, or reporting frequent errors? Uptrends can use a full page check to generate a waterfall report to let you know where things are running slow before it ever affects the end users.

Website Performance Monitoring
Web application

Monitor multiple steps

Synthetic monitoring does not require actual web traffic so the application can be monitored 24/7 from over 209 global checkpoints with no interruptions. Uptrends records transactions like logins, forms, and shopping baskets.

Web Application Monitoring

“We keep track of our uptime while taking planned maintenance into account. Before Uptrends, we didn't have insights into our real uptime, but now we do.”

Erwin de Winter
Head of Operations

Record data that your users experience

Real browser monitoring reportActive monitoring

Leave the guesswork behind and see exactly how your website is functioning with Uptrends’ Synthetic Monitoring. We communicate with your website to replicate the user experience, alerting you to any problems that may appear.

Checkpoint locations209 worldwide locations

Your customers are everywhere, so you need to be too. Thankfully for your users, Uptrends helps you monitor your website by tapping into over 209 checkpoint servers spread across the globe. Now you can spot downtime and performance issues from everywhere.

Bandwidth throttling

Bandwidth throttling

Simulate slower load times and bandwidth connections to see how well people can get connected, regardless of their speed.

Public status of website uptime

Public status page

You can create a public status page to share your status with the rest of the world. Upload your logo and pick a color scheme that matches you.

Monitoring charts

Precise diagrams

Get into the nitty gritty details, or look at a specific date range to zoom in on the data of your website’s uptime and performance.

Error snapshots

Failure snapshots

Curious to know what your customers see? Now you can see what error messages look like from the user’s point of view.

Alerting & Reports

Quickly understand website issues.

Root-cause analysisImmediate reporting

Has your website completely gone down or is it suffering from slow uptime performance? Uptrends Synthetic Monitoring will notify you right away before offering a variety of data reports to help you pinpoint the exact root of the problem.

Website alertsStay on top

No one wants to be informed that their website has a problem from a customer. With email and SMS alerts you can sleep easy knowing you’ll be the first to know if a problem arises.

Root-cause report

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“The difference Uptrends has made to the DHL customer experience has been in-measurable. We have been able to pro-actively monitor our systems, alert our customers to any eCom issue and sorting the issue before a customer is even aware of the problem!”

—— Kelly Griffin, Senior Director CIM at DHL DHL
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