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The Uptrends API allows you to work with your Uptrends account in an automated way: you can build scripts that modify your monitoring setup, or you can access uptime and performance data for your own number crunching.

We currently have two API versions:

  • Version 4 is the recommended version for using the Uptrends API. When starting to work with the API, this is the version to go to. Version 4 offers much more functionality than version 3.
  • Version 3 is a legacy version and has way less options than version 4 of the API. You should use it only when you already have implemented version 3 APIs and are relying on it.
Version 3 is still supported, but not the preferred option and will be deprecated over time. Version 3 and 4 will coexist for some time. The end of life of version 3 will be announced well in advance, allowing for enough time to prepare a switch to version 4.

Both versions are REST APIs that require you to supply login credentials using a Basic Authentication HTTP header. The credentials used for the authentication are different for the versions, see the corresponding documentation for further info.

More information on how to use the API can be found in the knowledge base articles and the API specification environment as listed below.  

General API info (version 3 and 4)

Using cURL for API calls

Using Powershell for API calls

Whitelisting of IP addresses 

Specifying checkpoint regions

API Version 4 

Authentication and creating an API account 

OpenAPI Specification (Swagger environment)

Documentation of the API

Monitor API methods

Monitor API fields

MonitorCheck API

MonitorGroup API

Operator API

OperatorGroup API

Alert definition API

Vault API

Maintenanceperiods API

API Version 3

Documentation of the API