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Free Website Uptime Test

Is your website available worldwide? Let's find out!

Know if your site is down from locations worldwide

Uptrends' Free Website Uptime tool tells more than forty of Uptrends' 225 checkpoints to send a request to your website, and Uptrends checks each response. Each checkpoint looks for a successful response, tracks the timing, and generates a report based on the website's availability and response time.

You'll know if your site is available from each test city based on a green or red tile. Each tile tells you how long the test took, and when you hover over a tile, you can get the resolve, connect, download times, and response size.

Use the Share results button to generate a link to your test result. Share your website uptime test with your team using your favorite communication channels.

Ad-hoc tests only get you so far. Automate your tests

The Uptime tool displays the uptime performance from every checkpoint

Is it down, or is it just me?

Knowing if your site is down on a global scale or just in regions can help guide your problem resolution. A regionalized outage could mean that you have a DNS issue, an Internet backbone failed, or network congestion caused requests to time out.

The  Free Website Uptime and Availability tool gives you a comprehensive look at your site from a global perspective. When your site is red across the board, you know you've got bigger problems such as a DDoS attack, a hosting provider outage, or a hardware malfunction.

Prove your SLA 

If you've got a service level agreement with your users, or your provider has one with you, a Website Monitor can keep you informed about the status of your uptime. Prove to your users you're in compliance or show your provider they're falling short. 

Uptime is all about the connection

Uptime testing is about the ability to make a connection. The test makes sure that a user can get a complete connection to the server and receive the initial HTML without errors. Where is your connection failing: the resolve, the connection, or the download?

Bonus content checks

Your users may get a connection, but there is always a chance that the content received isn't what you would expect. With a content check, you will know if your DNS gets hijacked, or your site responds with the wrong content.

Response size is also a factor

A sure way of knowing if you're getting the correct content is to check the page size. If the initial HTML response doesn't meet certain thresholds, you know the server is responding with wrong or truncated content.

A website test each minute

When you choose to automate your Website Uptime Monitoring, you'll get an availability check on your site every minute. If a check fails, Uptrends tests immediately from another checkpoint. If that fails too, we let you know.

IPv4 or IPv6?

It doesn't matter which IP version your site is using. Uptrends can monitor both. More than half of our 225 checkpoints support both, and you can use simulated IPv6 on most of the rest.

Website uptime alerting

When your site goes down, you want to know about it. That's where Uptrends' advanced alerting comes in. Uptrends verifies every error from another checkpoint before issuing an alert. If the second test errors too, Uptrends uses your preferred messaging system to send out the message: SMS, email, phone/voice, Slack, PagerDuty, StatusHub, VictorOps, ServiceNow, or your own custom webhook.

Based on your alert definitions, you can escalate the alerting as the error condition continues. You can change the contact method or who gets notified and continue to send reminders until the problem gets fixed.

Your HTTPS website monitors take a selfie too when possible. When the problem is a page error, such as a failed content check, Uptrends loads the result into a browser and takes a screenshot to let you see what the page looked like at the time of the error.

Uptrends alerts you when your site goes down

Automate your Website Uptime Monitoring

Check website uptime 24/7

Wouldn't you sleep better if you knew that someone else was keeping an eye on your site? With Website Availability Monitoring, you can automate your checks. If something happens while you snooze, Uptrends will let you know.

Uptime checks from your users' locations

Uptrends has 225 checkpoints located in cities and towns all around the world. You can choose to test from all of them, or only use the checkpoints in your actual users' locations.

Daily uptime reports

With Uptrends reporting, you can get your uptime data anytime you want in your custom dashboards. Set up your data for charts and tables, and you can schedule Uptrends to send the reports directly to your email in the format of your choice.

Custom dashboards

Track the uptime metrics that matter to you most in charts and table formats that make sense to you using custom dashboards. Also, if you're interested in your SLA compliance, download your uptime data using your SLA Overview page.

Got scheduled maintenance?

When your performing routine maintenance, you don't want scheduled downtime screwing up your uptime data. Use the Maintenance periods tab in your monitors to stop and start your alerting or your monitoring altogether.

Don't forget about website speed

HTTP/HTTPS monitors A.K.A uptime monitors are Uptrends' most popular monitor types. However, the download speed reported in your uptime monitors only tracks the download of the first HTML page. To get the full page-load picture, you need Uptrends Web Performance Monitoring

Start tracking your website uptime with Uptrends' Website Monitoring

Website monitoring is just the beginning. You can track all of the different aspects of your web presence with Advanced Availability Monitoring, and don't forget about watching your APIs and web applications for complete interactions. You can try it all free for 30 days with no credit card needed and no commitment.

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