Free Website Uptime & Availability Test.

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Test your Website Availability.

Is it down, or is it just me?

Website uptime matters – if your website goes down for even a few minutes, you could be paying for it in revenue and reputation. With the Free Uptrends Uptime Check, you can ping your website and ensure that it is reachable.

Simply enter the website URL that you wish to check, select which global checkpoints you would like to test from, and hit ‘Start Test.’

How does it work?

The Free Uptime Check utilizes select regional groupings from our network of 154 global checkpoints, which systematically pings and checks your website’s uptime.

If any checkpoint is unable to ping your website, it is marked as an unconfirmed error. Our system will then automatically move onto another checkpoint to confirm that the website is unavailable.

Always know how your website is performing

Do you want to be able to monitor your website uptime and availability on a regular basis? See for yourself how helpful having a 24/7 website monitoring solution can be by signing up for a free 4-week trial of Uptrends Website Monitoring.

Monitor Everything

Scales with your needs

Monitor your website availability, performance, multi-step transactions, and DNS/SSL Certificate security - all on one platform, as needed!

Website Monitoring Alerts

Always be in the know

When a downtime or performance related event occurs, you’ll be the first to know, with configurable SMS, phone, e-mail, and push alerts that reach your whole team as needed.

Dashboards and Custom Dashboards

Your data, presented your way

Data is no good to you if you can’t understand it. Uptrends compiles your data into easy-to-read, configurable dashboards. You can even make your own!

Unlimited Contacts

Built to handle your team

Website management isn’t a one-person job. Uptrends accommodates your entire team, with unlimited contacts, customizable escalation levels, and maintenance times.

SMS, phone, e-mail, and push alerts