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Web Application Monitoring

Your site might be up, but does it work correctly?

Meet Web Application Monitoring. Test if your website's core functions, such as logins, signups, shopping carts and payment screens work, and know exactly what goes on when stuff breaks.

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Get your web application under surveillance in minutes

To verify if your web application works as expected, you can set up a transaction monitor. A transaction is a step-by-step scenario that tests workflows in a browser. By using Uptrends' Transaction Recorder (a free Chrome extension), you can securely record your transactions by simply navigating and clicking through your website. The Recorder captures everything you do in the browser.

After you've uploaded and activated the script, your recorded steps get tested continuously in a Chrome browser, on our worldwide network of checkpoints.

General transactions

Set up transactions to monitor logins and logoffs, password reset requests, search, or the modification of account settings.


Record a script to go through the whole checkout flow: add items to a cart, fill in shipping details, and perform a payment.


Booking systems heavily lean on all kinds of dependencies. Perform a reservation, book a flight, or set up appointments.

SaaS applications

Ensure your customers can still signup, generate reports, interact with forms, or check if your chat service is still operational.

“The Uptrends Transaction Recorder makes creating scripts really fast and easy. It's a fantastic feature. Anybody can create a recording without needing to know how to code.”

Jeferson Marques
Global Operations Analyst GEO

Manage the script yourself, or let our Support team help you

You might want to change your script when your site changes, and give it a test run before you activate it. The Transaction Editor lets you do all that (you can even build your script from scratch and skip the Recorder altogether), or we can handle the scripting and testing for you. Our Support team is there for you either way.

Transaction Editor

If you have some basic knowledge of CSS selectors, you'll find your way in the Transaction Editor. You can even work your way through the raw (JSON) script. 

Free consultation

If CSS selectors and all aren't your expertise, our team of transaction consultants can save you the hassle and fine-tune and test your scripts, free of charge.

Script replays

You can start testing and perfecting your new monitor the moment after uploading. Watch the progression of your test for easier script debugging.

Test runs

Use development mode to refine your script. When ready, switch to staging for a few test runs without affecting your production data. Feel confident? Move to production!

“The transaction monitor allows us not only to see that our service is alive but that it is actually working as it should. We can see issues that our customers in the real world see, before or at least at the same time they see them.”

Steve Timms
ICT Operations Manager

Inspect which steps are slow and see exactly what breaks

With the right tool set, you're able to track down issues before most of your users will notice. We monitor your web application in the latest version of Chrome from 225 checkpoints worldwide, so you see exactly what your users see. 

Saturate your testing with Concurrent Monitoring. Check your web application from multiple checkpoints all at once. You get more transaction data and faster alerting when something goes wrong.

Step load times

Test the speed of your individual step times around-the-clock, monitoring for bottlenecks, errors, and other performance trends.

Browser Snapshots

Select specific steps where you’d like to see a screenshot. See exactly how a page looks for every step of a transaction.

Waterfall charts

Trace files that are downloaded by the browser for every step and track down specific errors or elements that could be making your page run slow.

“Browser Snapshots and Waterfall Charts are really good because you can build up a lot of evidence. It's like you are sitting behind the user and experiencing what they're experiencing.”

Steven Andrews
Leader Application Support

Automate your transaction management

You have full control over your scripts to add, remove, and modify user interactions whenever you want. Update your scripts with the API and integrate them with your automated deployment tools, and set up new transactions easily without even going to your account.

Integrate into your workflow

Use the API to integrate transactions into your release management workflow and CI/CD processes without a hassle.

Version control your scripts

Save your scripts to your version control system, and quickly copy them from one monitor to another for easy modification.

Store credentials in the Vault

Keep your credentials and certificates safely encrypted in the Uptrends Vault. Only administrators can see the actual values.

Ready to start? Set up your first transaction in just a few clicks!

Getting started with Web Application Monitoring is easy. Simply sign up for a 30-day risk-free trial of Uptrends, add the free Transaction Recorder extension for Chrome, and configure. You're up and running in no time!

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