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Test your website from 233 worldwide locations

Uptrends Website Monitoring makes it easy to stay in sync with your site uptime and performance on a global level.

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Your user experience starts with a page load

Maximize your uptime

Your users expect your website to be available around-the-clock. Uptrends helps you deliver on that expectation, monitoring HTTP(S), web services (SOAP, REST API, SSL Certificates, DNS, and servers, alerting your team instantly.

Optimize for performance

Nobody likes a slow, inconsistent website. Utilize website performance monitoring, track slow first/third-party page elements, and view rich waterfall reports to help prevent failures and downtime, using Uptrends’ easy-to-use tools.

Maintain critical transactions

Don’t lose revenue because of a broken website interaction. With Web Application Monitoring you can monitor your website’s multi-step transactions for uptime and performance, delivering instant alerts and data the moment your search, forms, and logins fail.

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“Before Uptrends, we didn’t have insights into our real uptime, but now we do.”
Erwin de Winter, Head of Operations at Ortec Finance

Capture data from the user’s perspective

Monitor your site with Uptrends' Synthetic Monitoring technology that utilizes a real browser. This tech spins a browser from a dedicated server, to render a webpage locally the same way your users do.

Uptrends empowers you to monitor your website from 233 checkpoints located globally. No matter where you are in relation to your users, you always know if they are experiencing downtime or performance problems.

View downtime and performance data in your dashboard

Bandwidth Throttling

Your users won’t always have a great internet connection. Simulate lower bandwidth connections and output load times and speed metrics.

Public Status Page

Share your service status with the public with a Public Status Page. Add your own logo, and choose a color scheme that matches your brand.

Interactive Charts

Zoom in on the fine details, or select specific date and times to get a closer look at your data and spot trends in your website uptime and performance.

Error Snapshots

Want to see what your users see when your site goes down? Error snapshots show you what an error looks like in your user’s browser.

Testimonial photo of customer
“Correlating the developers' changes with performance changes in Uptrends makes analyzing the situation easier.”
André van de Graaf, Principal Quality Assurance at Exact

Test if your APIs work as intended

If your APIs fail, your websites fail. That’s why it’s crucial to know about API errors as quick as possible. With API monitoring, you can chain API calls and HTTP requests step by step, to test your APIs from end to end.

API Monitoring step-by-step

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