Easily share service updates with Uptrends' Public Status Pages

What is it

“Open Source” your website status

As much as we wish it weren’t the case, website downtime happens. Uptrends helps you keep your customers in the loop, updating them on your service status in one central location called a Public Status Page.

Open a dialogue

Prevent an overflow of support requests and questions, by keeping your customers apprised of the situation. Transparency helps people know that you care!

Share data

Users want to know what is going on when a service failure occurs, so give them what they want, with select website availability charts, tables, and metrics.

Build trust

By publicly displaying your service status, you show current and potential customers that you mean business when it comes to maintaining website uptime.

How it works

Utilize the power of Uptrends Website Monitoring

When website downtime strikes, it is good to be the first to know. Uptrends checks your website status, 24/7, alerting you the moment a problem has been confirmed.

Select your Services

Add and display any number of individual or grouped websites, servers, and web services currently being monitored within your Uptrends Website Monitoring account.

Configure an SLA

Configure a custom SLA definition and make sure you only display the levels of website downtime and errors that fall within the realm of your company SLA.

Customize the Look

Make your public status page your own, with options designed to help you match your branding, including: custom logo, background, header, and text colors.


Your Public Status Pages are your canvas

Unique URLs

Each Public Status Page gets a unique URL. With unique URLs, it makes it really easy for you to share your website’s status with your fans. You can create multiple Public Status Pages for different audiences, SLAs, or customers complete with their own branding.

Embed Your Data Anywhere

Take full control of your public status pages by embedding them within any externally hosted website with an easy-to-use iFrame shortcode. Or, contact an Uptrends support representative, and we’ll work with you to customize the appearance of your public status page.


Trusted, dependable Website Monitoring Reports

Global Checkpoint System

Discover where in the world your site is down, with Uptrends’ leading website monitoring checkpoint network, located in 233 locations worldwide.

Error Double-Check

Never get a false uptime reading, with Uptrends’ error double-check system. In the event of an error, it pings your servers from another location to ensure that your services truly aren’t operational.

Set up your Public Status Page in just a few minutes!

Getting started with Uptrends is easy. Simply sign up for a 30-day risk-free trial of Uptrends, and you’ll be up and running in no time.

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