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What is a traceroute?

A traceroute shows the path traffic takes to reach a network resource. Our network monitoring robots send a series of packets to your target destination and display the list of routers and IPs the packets took.

Identify network problems

With the Free Uptrends Traceroute Tool, you can identify network bottlenecks. If you’re having trouble reaching a site, there might be a problem somewhere along the path.

Test worldwide

Choose from worldwide checkpoints, and test from your users' locations. See how the paths differ per location, tackle regional problems and optimize accordingly.

Round trip times

The three times per hop being displayed are the round trip times (RTT) for a packet to reach a specific point and return to your computer.

Reduce latency

Seeing high hop times? That could result in noticeable lag. You might want to approach your ISP or hosting provider with the result of this traceroute.

Send out the results

Use the Share result button to get access to a link to your traceroute test result. Share the link with team members, or save them to review later.

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We display the traceroute when your site errors.

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Monitor 24/7

Ad-hoc tests only get you so far. Go for continuous monitoring.

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Mimic your user base by choosing from all 233 locations.

View error snapshots

Know exactly what was going on in the browser with error snapshots.

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Website Uptime Monitoring

Monitor from 233 worldwide locations and get alerts via email, SMS, and integrations such as Slack when something breaks.

Web Application Monitoring

With Web Application Monitoring, you can monitor website steps such as shopping carts, logins, search, and forms.

Web Performance Monitoring

Improve your website speed with rich, easy-to-use waterfall reports, monitor in Chrome and Edge.

API Monitoring

APIs fuel all kinds of tools and applications. Build multi-step API calls to test your APIs for functionality, performance, and uptime.

Real User Monitoring

How do your actual users see your site? Real User Monitoring gives you load times per browser, device, and operating system displayed in shiny world maps.

Server Monitoring

Make sure to check the backend too. Check your web, DNS, and mail servers worldwide from outside your firewall.

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