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Not sure what some technical monitoring terms or concepts mean exactly? Quickly familiarize with Uptrends' monitoring services with the articles below.

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  • What is a REST API?
    REST API is an architectural style that allows two pieces of software to communicate despite differences in operating systems using an HTTP connection.
  • What is API Monitoring?
    API Monitoring is the routine checking on an API’s availability, performance, and function.
  • What is DNS monitoring?
    The Domain Name System (DNS) provides routing services for TCP/IP networks and the Internet. Monitoring your DNS makes sure your traffic and communications are routed to the proper servers.
  • What is IPv4?
    IPv4 is the most widely used Internet routing protocol used. However, it has reached the end of it’s lifespan, but it will not go away any time soon.
  • What is IPv6?
    IPv6 is the sixth version of the Internet Protocol meant to replace IPv4. The addressing system fixes the problem with address exhaustion along with other inherent problems with IPv4.
  • What is page speed?
    Page speed is extremely important to maintaining a reputable brand, for page speed affects SEO, bounce rates, customer retention, and user perception of the brand and its products or services.
  • What is Real User Monitoring?
    Real User Monitoring (RUM) reports detailed aggregated user experience data based on location, device, operating system, browser, and page view.
  • What is Synthetic Monitoring?
    Synthetic Monitoring is automated website availability and performance testing performed at regular intervals from checkpoint computers located around the world.
  • What is User Journey Monitoring?
    User journey monitoring tests crucial clickpaths that users take to ensure that all aspects of the user journey run smoothly and without errors.
  • What is Web Application Monitoring?
    Web Application Monitoring routinely tests and verifies the proper function of a website when responding to user input such as logging in or making a purchase.
  • What is Web Performance Monitoring?
    Web Performance Monitoring measures the response, connection, and load times for a website or service when requested.
  • What is website availability?
    Availability is more than just uptime. Availability is about the user’s ability to not only access a website, but also the usability of the website to complete a task efficiently.
  • What is website downtime?
    Website downtime occurs when a website’s users can’t either access or complete a primary task on a website.
  • What is Website Monitoring?
    Website Monitoring is the process of checking a website or service for availability, performance, or function. Automate the process with free and paid services.
  • What is website uptime?
    Website uptime refers to the ratio of website uptime to website downtime.
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