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How do visitors experience your site on mobile devices?

There are over two billion people using mobile devices around the world, so it’s important to make sure your website loads quickly and displays correctly for all of them. Get the best availability and performance with Uptrends Mobile Website Monitoring.

Mobile website monitoring

Performance Monitoring

Optimize for speed and ensure your website renders properly on many different screen sizes and pixel ratios.

Multi-step web processes

How are your transactions and multi-step processes performing on phones or tablets? Monitor crucial transactions with Uptrends.

Waterfall Charts

Identify the bottlenecks that your visitors experience on mobile devices. We scan each element in a web page, and report with detailed waterfall charts.

Bandwidth Throttling

Simulate bandwidths to see how your site performs at lower speeds. Get a better idea of how your webpage elements are affected by less than ideal internet speeds.

View error screenshots

When an error is confirmed, Uptrends grabs a screenshot of the webpage so that you can see exactly what your users may be experiencing when a problem arises. Whispers: We even have this for any given step in a transaction!

Monitor from 233 locations worldwide

Perform mobile website monitoring from around the world with our global network of checkpoints. We’ve eliminated false alerts by confirming errors from a second location.

Cover the full range of your site’s responsive designs

Mobile Website Monitoring will capture the customer perspective of your website in every screen size. We simulate the user experience through a Chrome browser, giving you a clear idea of what your customers are experiencing. Take advantage of our Full Page Checks for maximum performance monitoring.

Responsive designs

Combine mobile and responsive testing with waterfalls

Ensure your users see your site as intended in all screen sizes, and unite mobile and responsive testing with a Full Page Check waterfall report to see what elements get loaded based on the screen resolution.

Media Queries

Monitor and make sure that your media queries are working correctly.

Progressive Dynamic Loading

Is your out of view content loading as expected? Optimize large images and content.

Content Check

Ensure your website is displaying just the way you want it to across multiple devices.

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