Cloud Cost Management

Stop overspending on cloud resources

On average, companies overspend by 35% or more on their cloud allocations. Manage and optimize your cloud costs.

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Right-size – Right-buy – Optimize

Make smarter cloud capacity purchases

  • Make cost/performance decisions based on real utilization data.
  • Know how long a cloud instance will run and make the correct purchase decision.
  • Monitor Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure billing to identify the optimal usage plan for your purposes.
  • Discover the optimal configuration of burstable (flexible) or non-burstable (fixed) cloud server instances.
  • Identify ideal instance durations.

Hard data to guide your cloud spend

  • Review past and current data to better predict your cloud needs.
  • Use your sunburst chart to see where you’ve over-allocated resources and where they need beefing up.
  • Your Skyline review shows you all instances and application demand over your chosen period: months, days, weeks, hours, and minutes.
Sunburst graph

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Once you’ve got Cloud Cost Management in place, you’ll begin to see where you can enhance performance and where you can reduce cost. You could be saving 35% or more on your current cloud spending. Still not sure? Try our CloudCost ROI Calculator tool to see how much money you could save.

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