Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Stop overspending on your AWS resources

By and large, organizations overspend by 35% or more on their cloud allotments. Oversee and upgrade your cloud costs with Uptrends CloudCost.

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Optimize your AWS cloud cost spending

As your AWS cloud backbone develops, so do your expenses. Yet they don’t need to develop at a similar rate. That’s where Uptrends CloudCost comes in. Follow the prescribed procedures for AWS cost management and convey increases in cloud assets development while keeping your costs stable.

Obtain hard information to manage your cloud spend

  • Review past and current information to more readily foresee your cloud needs.
  • Use your sunburst diagram to see where you’ve over-designated assets and where they need reinforcing.
  • Your Skyline audit shows examples and application interest over your picked period: months, days, weeks, hours, and minutes.
Sunburst graph

Start improving your AWS cloud costs today!

When you have your AWS Cloud Cost Management set up, you’ll start to see where you can improve performance and where you can lessen cost. Save up to 35% or more on your cloud spending.

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