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With Uptrends Website Monitoring, you only pay for what you need. Want to take Uptrends for a spin? You can try it free for 4-weeks. It's completely risk-free, and no credit card information is required. Click on a plan below to start your free trial!

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*Billed annually
+ Cost of monitors
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Starting from

*Billed annually
+ Cost of monitors
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Insight Professional
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*Billed annually
+ Cost of monitors
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Insight Enterprise
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*Billed annually
+ Cost of monitors
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Number of checkpoints
( 139)
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of monitors
Monitors (or "checks") are used to monitor websites, transactions, servers, DNS, and much, much more.
Buy what you need Buy what you need Buy what you need Buy what you need
Monitoring interval
Have questions about our monitoring intervals? Let us know!
10 minutes 5 minutes 10 minutes 5 minutes
Website Monitoring
Website Performance Monitoring
Web Application Monitoring
External Server Monitoring
Security Monitoring
Third Party content Monitoring
SLA Monitoring
Public Status Pages
Historical data
The daily averages of your data are stored for 2 years.
2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years
Saved log files
With log files we mean the individual check data.
90 days 90 days 90 days 90 days
Standard dashboards
Benchmark dashboards
XML, Excel and PDF export
Snapshots of errors
Co-branded dashboards
Customizable dashboards
Schedule custom e-mail reports
Operations dashboards
SLA dashboards
SMS alerts
The package includes 20 SMS messages per month as standard, but additional SMS can be added as desired. For each 20 additional SMS messages we charge $13.28£6.76€9.95.
E-mail alerts
Alert escalation settings
Schedule maintenance
Apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone
Our mobile apps can be downloaded at no additional cost.
Number of contacts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Multi-user login
Define user rights
Create client logins
Client logins allow you to create unique logins for your customers, so they can view and manage their own set of monitors and contacts.
Http, Https, Pop3, SMTP, FTP, Ping, Match, Connect, DNS, SSL
Premium support options
We offer a variety of premium support packages. Start a live chat or contact us by e-mail to discuss the possibilities.
Credit card and PayPal
“Uptrends Web Application Monitoring has been able to provide us with details concerning the core functionality of our clients’ websites; enabling us to effectively manage our client environments and attain the highest levels of uptime.” — Raj Atwal, Vice President Ecommerce at Tenzing
“Uptrends is a must have for our web operations department. We are a global company and with the full range of features included in Uptrends we have the ability to monitor and alert on services from both a local and a global view.” — Daniel Österhof, Head of Operations at EPiServer
“The difference Uptrends has made to the DHL customer experience has been in-measurable. We have been able to pro-actively monitor our systems, alert our customers to any eCom issue and sorting the issue before a customer is even aware of the problem!” — Kelly Griffin, Senior Director CIM at DHL

Pricing for extra probes

All Uptrends editions include 1 probe. Once you have signed up for an Uptrends trial account, you will be able to create your own pricing with our Pricing Editor. The more probes you purchase, the lower the cost of each probe.

Number of probes Monthly price per probe Monthly price per probe
1 - 9 $ 7.34€ 5,50£ 3,74 $ 14.68€ 11,00£ 7,47
10 - 24 $ 6.67€ 5,00£ 3,40 $ 13.35€ 10,00£ 6,79
25 or more $ 6.45€ 4,83£ 3,28 $ 12.88€ 9,65£ 6,56
Insight Professional
Insight Enterprise
Number of probes Price per month Price per month
10 $ 88.68€ 66,45£ 45,17 $ 164,09€ 122,95£ 83,50
20 $ 149.35€ 111,95£ 76,11 $ 285.62€ 213,95£ 145,28
30 $ 209.38€ 157,02£ 106,63 $ 405.49€ 303,80£ 206,51
40 $ 273.78€ 205,32£ 139,43 $ 534.29€ 400,30£ 272,11
50 $ 338.18€ 253,62£ 172,23 $ 663.09€ 496,80£ 337,71
60 $ 402.58€ 301,92£ 205,03 $ 791.89€ 593,30£ 403,31
70 $ 466.98€ 350,22£ 237,83 $ 920.69€ 689,80£ 468,91
80 $ 531.38€ 398,52£ 270,63 $ 1049.49€ 786,30£ 534,51
90 $ 595.78€ 446,82£ 303,43 $ 1178.29€ 882,80£ 600,11
100 $ 660.18€ 495,12£ 336,23 $ 1307.09€ 979,30£ 665,71
  • How does the free 4 week trial work?

    Try Uptrends today. Just signup for a free 4 week trial. Uptrends gives you the full version without the need to enter credit-card information. If you do not want to upgrade to a paid subscription, simply ignore the expiration alerts and your trial account will expire automatically.

  • Can I use all the checkpoints I want without paying extra?

    Yes, you have unrestricted access to checkpoints without an extra charge. We encourage you to use as many global monitoring locations as possible, because occasionally a website or a server might be active in one country but inactive in another. The ability to monitor from many different locations also means you will detect DNS errors much sooner.

  • What if I need more SMS alerts?

    You can add more SMS alerts to your Uptrends account at any time. We do not charge high rates for additional SMS alerts, as some of our competitors do. For 100 SMS alerts, we charge US $13, 10 EUR or GBP 8,50.

  • What is a probe?

    Uptrends works with probes. A probe is an individual check, and accordingly five websites will require five probes. The probes can be used to monitor in several ways:

    • Real Browser Check: 1 URL, 2 probes
    • Full Page Check: 1 URL, 3 probes
    • Full Page Check+: 1 URL, 4 probes
    • Transactions: 1 probe per click
    • All other probes: 1 probe each

  • Where are you located?

    Uptrends is a global provider of network, server and website monitoring services. Because we have offices in different countries, support is nearly always available. Uptrends has offices in:

    Wakefield, MA USA

    Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands

    Düsseldorf, Germany

  • Questions about pricing or our service?

    If you have any questions about our pricing or monitoring services, send us an e-mail, have a live chat or call us:

    USA: (001) 781-791-7670

    UK: 0808-1010-917

    Germany: (0049) (0)2104-932445

    Netherlands: (0031) (0)172-243309

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