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This is our story

Uptrends is a monitoring platform for companies of all sizes. We build innovative software that helps our customers stay on top of their entire online presence. Uptrends is privately held and has maintained profitability since its inception in 2007. 

Our story starts in early 2007, which in technology terms is “A long time ago,” when a team of three friends started on their mission to make the Internet a better place. Today we're a an international team with employees around the world. Uptrends maintains offices in the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, and France. This is our story.

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Like so many startups, Uptrends blossomed from a garage endeavor to an international company over the next decade. Those three founders still work side-by-side to bring you the best monitoring experience available.

Growing a brand

Uptrends’ started with a handful of checkpoints and its popular Uptime Monitoring. From there, Uptrends grew organically at a respectable, sustainable pace. Uptime monitoring led to performance monitoring, web application monitoring, server monitoring, API monitoring, and real user monitoring, and eight checkpoints became over 225 worldwide monitoring locations . In the spring of 2018 Uptrends moved the home office to the third and largest space yet with room to sustain more growth.

There is no slowing down at Uptrends. Uptrends continues to look to the future to determine and meet our userbase’s needs now and in the future. Our developers listen to our customers’ needs and work to add new solutions, add features, and improve the user’s experience.

44 billion

Checks performed daily

175 k

Errors detected daily

24 k

Alerts sent out daily

Company culture

Uptrends has come a long way since its humble beginnings, but our goal remains intact: building a quality monitoring product at a reasonable price. With over 30,000 worldwide users, Uptrends has grown from three determined founders to a team of fifty dedicated employees with the room and need to add more.

Uptrends meeting

There is something to be said about work-life balance, and it is a real thing at Uptrends. Each employee is encouraged to grow professionally while living a rich personal life. Because Uptrends is a privately held company, there is no external pressure to produce more product and more revenue. Instead, we choose to grow in a sustainable way, and grant ourselves the creative freedom to invest in ideas and solutions that add direct value to our customer base.

By creating a hospitable workplace, setting obtainable goals, and taking an interest in the roles and lives of every employee, we have created an environment that nurtures creativity and dedication. Uptrends provides a positive environment that naturally supports sustainable growth and benefits employees and customers alike.