Free SLA & Uptime Calculator

Verify if your provider lives up to its uptime guarantees

Website SpeedWhat is an SLA?

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) of a product defines the allowable amount of downtime a product or service can experience.

Website SpeedSLA Monitoring

With Uptrends, you can monitor your SLA with a website, server, or web application provider or monitor an SLA you provide to your own customers.

Website SpeedSet up your SLA in Uptrends

By creating an SLA definition, you can configure the same minimal requirements set by your provider. If the site or service fails to meet, we'll notify you.

Website SpeedBe the first to know

With Uptrends Website Monitoring you'll be the first to know about an issue, with alerts coming to you in all kinds of ways. Curious to see how that works? Try us free for 30 days!

Website SpeedCalculate your downtime

Use Uptrends' Free SLA and Uptime Calculator to calculate your downtime allowance based on the uptime percentage you specify, or vice versa.

Multi Browser MonitoringWhat is uptime?

Uptime is the amount of time that a service is available and operational. Uptime is generally the most important metric for a website or online service.

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Power-up your SLA tests

Receive daily SLA reports

Get your reports in PDF or Excel format sent via email.

Root-cause analysis

Quickly determine the root cause of an issue at-a-glance.

Get SLA alerts

Alerts can be sent via email, SMS, voice, push, webhooks, or tools like Slack.

Monitor SLA 24/7

Ad-hoc tests only get you so far. Continuous monitoring is key.

Worldwide monitoring

Mimic your user base by picking locations individually.

View error screenshots

Know exactly what was going on in the browser with error screenshots.

And there's much more in your trial account

Play around with the complete toolkit

Synthetic Monitoring

Website Uptime Monitoring

Monitor from 215 worldwide locations and get alerts via email, SMS and integrations like Slack when something breaks.

Web Application Monitoring

Web Application Monitoring

With Web Application Monitoring, you can monitor website steps such as shopping carts, logins, search and forms.

Web Performance Monitoring

Web Performance Monitoring

Improve your website speed with detailed, rich waterfall reports, monitor in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

API Monitoring

API Monitoring

APIs fuel all kinds of tools and applications. Build multi-step API calls and test your APIs for functionality, performance and uptime.

Real User Monitoring

Real User Monitoring

How do your actual users see your site? RUM gives you load times per browser, device and operating system. Displayed in shiny worldmaps.

Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring

Make sure to check the backend too. Check your web, DNS and mail servers worldwide from outside your firewall.


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