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When you agree to a service level agreement (SLA) from a provider, you need to understand what those percentages mean. Out of the box, an SLA of 95 or 98 percent availability per year sounds great, but do you know what that really means to your site or service? At 95 percent, you can expect as much as 18 days of unplanned downtime. At 98 percent, you can expect over seven days a year of unexpected downtime. Can you afford it?

A combined downtime of over two weeks may be fine for some businesses, but it could be catastrophic for others. Before agreeing to the offered SLA, plug in the numbers into our nifty little tool and know exactly what you agree to.

Is your provider living up to the service level agreement?

Now that you know what the percentage means, how is your SLA calculated and evaluated? Does your provider check your service from within their network, or do they use a third-party supplier to verify their availability?

Did you know that you can have partial outages? User location can also affect your site’s availability. Although partial availability is better than none, does it truly satisfy the agreement? Using Uptrends' checkpoint network with 233 worldwide testing locations, you know how well their SLA holds up from a global perspective.

SLA thresholds for uptime, page load time and operator response time

Keep close tabs on the SLA

Using Uptrends' Website Monitoring, you can setup SLA monitoring to protect yourself. External checkpoints check your site’s availability from your users' locations every minute of every day. You’ll know if your provider falters.

SLA reports delivered to your inbox

Knowing is half the battle. Uptrends' SLA monitoring can send PDF, Excel, or HTML reports straight to your inbox. Get reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. SLA violations appear in red, making it easy to spot.

What about scheduled maintenance?

SLAs often have time built in for scheduled maintenance. Because scheduled maintenance doesn’t count against the SLA terms, you can set up your SLA monitoring to automatically stop tracking during scheduled maintenance periods.

Know when your service is interrupted

Uptrends' advanced alerting notifies you when your site goes down. You can get alerts via text, email, voice/phone, push notifications through the Uptrends app, and integrations. Use direct integrations with Slack, PagerDuty, and StatusHub or set up your own using webhooks.

Performance SLAs are important too

Poor performance can have a larger impact on your users' perception of your brand than downtime. Therefore Uptrends' SLA tracking also allows you to track page performance guarantees by tracking and reporting on page load time.

Error screenshots

See what your page looked like at the time of the error. If possible, your HTTPS monitor takes a screenshot of your page and includes it in your check detail report. A quick pic can speed up error resolution and keep your users happy.

More than just SLA monitoring

Availability monitoring

Availability monitoring is your first stop for effective SLA monitoring. Your Uptime monitors (website or service) check once a minute to verify availability from all or a subset of Uptrends' 233 worldwide checkpoint locations.

Web performance

Web Performance Monitoring from Uptrends checks your website as frequently as every five minutes using the browser of your choice: Chrome or Edge.

Multi-step API

If you provide an API or rely on one or more, use Uptrends' API Monitoring to check an API’s availability and functionality for every transaction from authentication to log off.

Web applications

Your website transactions can have many fail points. Using Uptrend’s Web Application Monitoring, you can check the entire user journey for performance and function.

Real User Monitoring (RUM)

Check in on your actual users' experiences with RUM. Get detailed performance data based on the user’s browser type and version, operating system and version, device type, and user location.

Advanced availability

Uptrends' Advanced Availability Monitors for databases, SFTP servers, email servers, SSL certificates, and DNS records make sure all of your systems are working too.

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