A private checkpoint just for you

Monitor your internal apps and infrastructure with a Private Checkpoint.

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Private Checkpoints

Uptrends' monitoring behind your firewall

You can now have a personal private checkpoint running behind your firewall. Monitor your intranet, web applications, APIs, and servers your team depends on every day.

Your hardware

Your hardware

Give us four virtual machines or two physical servers on your network to establish the checkpoint. You keep the hardware and infrastructure running while we take care of the rest.

Checkpoint software

Our checkpoint software

Our techs install and maintain Uptrends' checkpoint software along with current browsers, virus protection, and Windows updates on your network hardware.

Same platform

Same great platform

The checkpoint works just like any other Uptrends checkpoint. We collect and store the data, and you get your data the same as you always have—in your regular Uptrends account.

Our checkpoint on your network

This is how it works

A Private Checkpoint is a joint venture between Uptrends and you: our software, your hardware.

Virtual machines

Four virtual machines

Each of the four virtual machines acts as a separate checkpoint that Uptrends uses to test your infrastructure. Having four virtual machines allows us to conduct double checks on errors and makes sure that we always have at least two checkpoints available during maintenance periods.

Hardware and software

Your hardware and our software

You keep the hardware and supporting server software that hosts your four virtual machines running, and Uptrends takes care of the checkpoint software. Uptrends maintains the checkpoint software, virus protection, browser updates, and Windows updates.

Testing from the cloud

Uptrends manages the testing from the cloud

At your chosen test interval, the central controller picks a virtual machine and sends the testing data through an encrypted, dedicated connection. The virtual machine conducts the test and reports back the test results. If your Private Checkpoint becomes unavailable, Uptrends will alert you about it.

Security behind your firewall

Securely isolated behind your firewall

The four virtual machines operate behind your firewall. Uptrends accesses the machines through an encrypted connection. You isolate the virtual machines by granting them access only to the parts of your infrastructure you choose to monitor. It’s your checkpoint; you decide which monitors use the checkpoint.

The full package

Everything you expect from Uptrends

You still get all of the power of Uptrends. Use all of the monitors you’ve used externally to protect your internal users.

Use Private and Global checkpoints together

You select the checkpoints like you always have; it’s your choice to just use your Private Checkpoint, Uptrends global network of checkpoints, or both (you may want to do this for testing SaaS apps your team relies on). You decide.

Same great alerting

Use the same alert definitions as your external monitoring, or create new definitions to handle alerts generated by your Private Checkpoint. Get your alerting through SMS, email, Phone/voice, push, webhooks, and integrations like Slack and PagerDuty.

All the monitors and same great reports

Use the same availability, performance, and transaction monitors you use outside the firewall behind the firewall. You can access your data generated on your Private Checkpoint using the same pre-built or custom dashboards in your Uptrends accounts.

Do you want a Private Checkpoint of your own?

Awesome! To discuss your company’s exact needs, please hit the button below so our monitoring experts can get things rolling.

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