Manage and control your own private Uptrends checkpoint

Monitor your internal applications and infrastructure while using your own hardware, combined with the power of Uptrends.

I want a Private Checkpoint

Private Checkpoints

Uptrends' monitoring behind your firewall

You can now have a personal Private Checkpoint running behind your firewall. Monitor your intranet, web applications, APIs, and servers your team depends on every day.

Your hardware

Use your own hardware to run Windows Docker containers on. You keep the hardware and infrastructure running, we take care of the rest.

Our checkpoint software

Install the checkpoint by pulling the containers from our repository. Keep them up to date by pulling a new version. Easily automated.

Same great platform

The checkpoint works just like any other Uptrends checkpoint. We collect the data, you view the data in your Uptrends account.

You’re in total control

You own and control your docker platform, we provide you with up to date containers. Make your containers redundant as you see fit. You still get all of the power of Uptrends. Use all of the monitors you’ve used externally to protect your internal users.

Monitor internal and external applications behind your firewall

Use Private and Global checkpoints together

You select the checkpoints like you always have; it’s your choice to just use your Private Checkpoint, Uptrends global network of checkpoints, or both (you may want to do this for testing SaaS apps your team relies on). You decide.

Same great alerting

Use the same alert definitions as your external monitoring, or create new definitions to handle alerts generated by your Private Checkpoint. Get your alerting through SMS, email, Phone/voice, push, webhooks, and integrations like Slack and PagerDuty.

All the monitors and same great reports

Use the same availability, performance, and transaction monitors you use outside the firewall behind the firewall. You can access your data generated on your Private Checkpoint using the same pre-built or custom dashboards in your Uptrends accounts.

Ready for your own Private Checkpoint?

Awesome! To discuss your company’s exact needs, please hit the button below so our monitoring experts can get things rolling.

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