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Rely on Uptrends to monitor the uptime of web services like SOAP. Easily set up a SOAP Web Service monitor to verify that the response is correct. Know each time when the HTTP status response code returns something else than a 200 OK.

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Uptrends supports REST, and SOAP, as well as any web services reachable through HTTP, HTTPS. Web Services Monitoring provides instant alerts, reports and dashboards, and a global monitoring network at your fingertips — everything you need from an all-in-one monitoring platform!

Representational state transfer (REST)

REST is a not a protocol or a standard but a set of architectural constraints. API developers can implement REST in several ways allowing for interaction with RESTful web services. The information is then delivered in one of several formats: JSON, XML, or text formats, but many APIs support responses in additional languages.

Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)

SOAP is a standard protocol that was first designed so that applications built with different languages and on different platforms could communicate. It requires XML messaging to monitor different web service specifications, such as WS-security, WS-Reliable Messaging, WS-addressing, and Web services description language (WSDL).


An HTTP monitor checks your web pages' availability from designated checkpoints located around the world. Besides checking for basic website monitoring availability, you can set up alerts for page load times, minimum page size, content, and status codes. Your team will be instantly alerted when something’s not right.


HTTPS monitors includes all the options of HTTP monitoring, and more. These monitors can check pages secured by an SSL certificate. When your certificate ever returns an error, it will trigger alerts. Monitor page load times, HTTPS status codes, user agent specification and authentication as well as custom HTTPS requests and posts.

Keep track of your web service operational statistics

Uptrends offers the flexibility to monitor Service Orientated Architectures (SOA) that use SOAP Web Services. We monitor several metrics that provide operations managers with the right visibility to ensure their business applications meet SLAs, such as:

  • Resolve time/connection time
  • Download time
  • Total time

Just like HTTP(S) monitors, Web service monitoring also supports Basic Authentication, content checks, etc.

Advanced settings of HTTPS Webservice monitor


Monitor the status of the web service periodically to ensure that it is up and running.

Response time

Monitor the response time taken to relay a service request to detect any delays in processing the same.


Measure the execution time of individual SOAP operations to identify any bottlenecks, which may lead to a performance lag.

Testimonial photo of customer
“Before Uptrends, we didn’t have insights into our real uptime, but now we do.”
Erwin de Winter, Head of Operations at Ortec Finance

Use SOAP-based monitoring to your advantage

The importance of monitoring SOAP-based web services enables you to identify the advantages this protocol provides:

  • Interoperability - Applications can communicate with other applications developed in any language.
  • Reusability - Expose the web service so other applications can use it.
  • Content validation - Specify keywords or phrases to ensure the expected content was loaded onto a page correctly. When errors occur, alerts notify your team and can also report data to back up any SLAs in place.
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Setting up web service monitors easily provides the necessary checks for availability, function, and performance.

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