Faster problem resolution with Concurrent Monitoring

Make one check and get results from multiple locations.

Faster error detection

You decide how many failed checks constitute an error

What percentage of failed checks from your concurrent monitor do you consider a confirmed error: 20%, 30%, 50%, or more? At what percentage of failed checks should Uptrends redo the test to confirm an error before issuing an alert? With Concurrent Monitoring, you decide.

Confirmed error threshold

Rather than wait for a second test to confirm an error, with Concurrent Monitoring, you choose what percentage of failures automatically generate alerts. You get notified about problems faster.

Unconfirmed error threshold

Some of your checks from a concurrent monitor failed but not enough to call it an error, so you want to check again. If the unconfirmed threshold is met, Uptrends tests again before issuing the alert.

Higher reliability

Simultaneous checks from multiple locations give you a comprehensive view of the uptime, performance, and function for your websites, APIs, and servers. You get more data and faster alerting.

How it works

Any monitor can be concurrent

Any Uptrends monitor can have Concurrent Monitoring enabled. It only takes a couple of minutes to make the switch.

Set your error tolerances

Decide when you want Uptrends to do a double check using your Unconfirmed error threshold. Use your Confirmed error threshold when Uptrends should notify you right away.

Collect your data

You have a lot of options when viewing your Concurrent Monitoring results.

Filter your monitor logs

Each Concurrent Monitoring check generates multiple Check Detail reports. You can choose to see just the overall result or every individual check in your logs.

Special dashboard tiles

We developed special tiles to show you your concurrent data. Your charts and tables can show you metrics from all of the individual checks based on checkpoints or from the averaged overall report.

Monitor dashboard

View your concurrent data in your monitor’s dashboard. Your monitor specific dashboard recognizes concurrent monitors and adjusts the dashboard accordingly.

Try Concurrent Monitoring today

Concurrent monitoring gets you a lot of data and robust alerting. The feature is available on the Business and Enterprise plan.

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