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Custom dashboards

In this article you will get an overview of what you can do with custom dashboards, which can be used in addition to the predefined dashboards that exist as default dashboards in the Uptrends app.

What are custom dashboards?

Custom dashboards are personalized compilations of reports containing both graphical and list variations of your monitoring data. They are designed to be fully flexible, so you can quickly add custom report tiles, pick and choose how you display your uptime and performance monitoring data, and spot trends at a glance.

Where can I find my custom dashboards?

All dashboards can be accessed from the Dashboards menu. The menu has a section Custom dashboards where you find the dashboards that you have created yourself.

You can also open the Dashboards menu and click the Browse all button to show the Dashboard overview. Here you can filter by clicking the Custom dashboards button.

How can I add a custom dashboard?

It is possible to create a custom dashboard from scratch, starting with a fixed number of tiles, and then dragging and dropping them into a layout that is best for you. You can add more tiles as you see fit.

If you’d prefer to take an existing dashboard (predefined dashboard) you can use that as a template and change a duplicate of this dashboard to fit your needs.

Check out the article Creating a custom dashboard to find out how.

How can I share a custom dashboard?

If you have a created a custom dashboard in the first place this is visible only to you. To share custom dashboards you have to take a few steps. Check out the article Sharing dashboards for instructions.

Please note that by default only operators with administrator rights can share dashboards. If you want other operators to be able to share dashboards, please contact Support.

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