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Your business is all about providing a valuable product or service to your user base. That means observing and monitoring the impact of the digital experience that you deliver along the entire user journey. Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) ensures you’ll gain insight within the digital workspace around the clock and respond quickly before the user experience falters.

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Guarantee user satisfaction with proactive synthetic monitoring

A critical part of any Digital Experience Monitoring strategy is Synthetic Monitoring — proactive monitoring that utilizes our worldwide network of checkpoints to routinely check your website or server for availability and performance. Keep a diligent eye on all your systems. When there’s an outage, we’ll send alerts before it impacts the user experience.

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Uptime Monitoring

With 233 checkpoints, you’ll be sure you never miss an outage. Keep a close eye on your website uptime from locations all around the world, not just in the local neighborhood.

Web Application Monitoring

Monitor critical pathways along user journeys, such as logins, checkouts, and forms. Use the script editor or get help from support.

Web Performance Monitoring

Get all the details to speed up your website speed with Web Performance Monitoring. Monitor in real browsers, measure W3C metrics/ Core Web Vitals and get timeline screenshots.

API Monitoring

API monitoring helps you inspect changing circumstances in your API config. Easily set up API calls to verify your API responses. Gain visibility into your API health, uptime, and performance.

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“We monitor the performance of our home page, and we get quite different performance with different browsers.”
Steven Andrews, Leader Application Support at Virgin Australia

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