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The Academy is used to get started with Uptrends in a self-guided manner. If you're looking for answers on technical questions, please try our Knowledge Base.

Quick Start

Get started and learn the basics of Uptrends.

Quick Start Infra

Get started installing agents, adding devices and sensors in Uptrends Infra.

Introducing Monitors

Learn what monitors are, how to add monitors and how to access monitor settings.

Synthetic Monitors

Get started configuring the various Synthetic monitor types in Uptrends.

Intro to Dashboards

Learn what dashboards are, the available types, and how to filter and export data.

Custom Dashboards

Learn all about custom dashboards, how to build one, report tiles, and share them.


Learn about the types of alerts are available and how to configure them.

Public Status Pages

Learn what public status pages are, how they work, and how to build one from scratch.

Real User Monitoring

Get a quick overview of what Real User Monitoring is and how to get started.

Web Application Monitoring

Learn all your options for transaction scripting and monitor setup.