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Course: Custom Dashboards

In the Custom Dashboards course you will get a general overview that explains what a custom dashboard is, how to create one, the types of report tiles available, how to manipulate tiles, and how to share dashboards with your colleagues. You have complete power over your data domain!

All articles in this category

  • Custom Dashboards 101
    In this lesson you’ll get a crash course into what makes custom dashboards so beneficial for tracking website monitoring trends.
  • Custom Dashboard Configuration
    We walk you through how to configure a custom dashboard step-by-step, so you can monitor your website your way.
  • Custom report tiles
    We give you instruction on adding report tiles to your custom dashboards.
  • Sharing Dashboards
    In this lesson we show you how to share your custom dashboard reports and data with operators and groups within your Uptrends account.
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