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Lesson: Configuring Custom Dashboards

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In this lesson you will learn how to build a custom dashboard off of an existing dashboard, and how to create a custom dashboard from scratch. Don’t worry, it is easier than baking a cake from scratch! (But if you do bake a cake, please send us a slice or two.)

Create a new dashboard

Creating a custom dashboard sounds like it would be an epic task, but we’ve made it as easy as a couple of clicks. In fact, we find that you’ll spend more time thinking about what you want to put into your custom dashboard then you will actively creating one!

  1. To start creating a custom dashboard, find the Dashboards link in the navigation menu, and select + Add dashboard from the dropdown.

  2. Once the page has loaded, you will be prompted to create a new dashboard from Template or Duplicate existing.

    Creating from template will automatically add blank report tiles into your new dashboard, so you can quickly begin adding your data visualizations. The article Custom report tiles explains the use of tiles in more detail.

    Duplicating existing refers to duplicating existing custom dashboards. If you want to duplicate an existing default dashboard, you will need to access it and save a copy through the dashboard’s grey quick action menu.

    Tip: Hit Save As in an existing dashboard (default or custom). That gives you a new working copy.

  3. When you have selected the format for your custom dashboard, click the Create dashboard button.

You will now be presented with a dashboard that needs filling! But before you fill it out, let’s save your new dashboard.

Saving a dashboard

  1. To save your new dashboard, find the hamburger icon and click Save as.
  2. A prompt will appear for you to enter a dashboard name. Once you have done so, click the Save button.
  3. Your new dashboard has successfully been saved! To access it, locate My Dashboards under the Dashboards dropdown on the main menu of the application.
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