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Lesson: Configuring Public Status Pages

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Now that you have the scoop on what public status pages are good for, let’s work together on configuring your first one from scratch!

Building a Public Status Page

  1. Click the Manage Public Status Pages button located within the Dashboards dropdown within the Main Menu of the Uptrends application.
  2. Once the page loads, you will see a list of your current public status pages. By default, your account comes pre-configured with one.
    For the sake of this tutorial, we’re going to ignore that, and click the blue Add Public Status Page button in the Quick Action Menu.
  3. You will now be presented with a series of general options, including: publishing status, status page name, and the URL of your page. For starters, enter a name for your public status page.
    Tip: Select the Publish option to make your Public Status Page available without the need to log into your Uptrends account first. The URL of your Public Status Page can be found in the URL field, and can be viewed by anyone when Publish is enabled.
  4. Once you have entered a name, click on the tab labelled Data.
  5. On this tab you can configure the time period in which you would like data to be pulled and displayed publicly, as well as the SLA (Service Level Agreement), and monitors/monitor groups you would like displayed. Select the options that you would like to be published on your public status page.
    Note: The data in your Public Status Page is based on the selected SLA. You can set up a new SLA or edit an existing one via the SLA dropdown within the Main Menu of the Uptrends application.
  6. After you have configured your data settings, click on the tab labelled Customization.
  7. This tab empowers you to change the overall appearance of your public status page, including the main header, text, and background colors, and adding custom title, footer, and logo details. Configure your customizations, and then click the green Save button.
    Note: To change your page’s logo, you first need to open a support ticket and include a 210 X 40 pixel PNG or JPG image file (Support will resize larger images). Support then adds the file to your account so that you can replace the existing Uptrends logo on your page.
  8. You will now be brought to the main public status pages list, where you will see your new public status page. To see the preview of published pages, click on the appropriately labelled links.
    Note: In the event that you have not published your page or would like to make changes, click on the name of the status page to access that page’s configuration screen again.

Congratulations, you have now successfully configured your first Uptrends Public Status Page! If you find yourself needing additional assistance, please do not hesitate to file a support ticket.

Want to embed your Public Status Page into a webpage?

Embedding a Public Status Page on your website is a snap. All it takes is the following code, with the URL of your published Public Status Page in the marked location. You can find your custom code in the Customization tab under Embed code.

<iframe src=”your Public Status Page URL here”> </iframe>

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