The uptime of your web application interactions doesn’t have to be a mystery. In this lesson you will learn how to download and install the Transaction Recorder browser extension, and record your first transaction so you can quickly start monitoring your web application interactions.

How to record a transaction monitor

Step 1: Install the Transaction Recorder

To install the Uptrends Transaction Recorder, you will need to have the Google Chrome browser installed.

  1. Chrome Web Store
    In your Google Chrome browser, access the Uptrends Transaction Monitor extension in the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Install the Uptrends Chrome Extension
    Once you are in the Chrome Web Store, click Add to Chrome. You will then be prompted to confirm whether you wish to install the Transaction Recorder. Click Add.

Step 2: Record your Transaction

  1. Run the Recorder
    To start the Transaction Recorder, click the blue Uptrends logo in the Chrome taskbar. A pop-up window containing the recorder will open.
    Note: You will need to sign up for an Uptrends account (a free trial is available) prior to uploading your transaction.

  2. Start Recording
    When you are ready to begin recording your transaction, click Start Recording. A new Chrome window will open. All actions taken in this window will be automatically recorded as part of your transaction, and every transaction step will be visible in the Transaction Recorder pop-up.
    To add a Content Check, click on the Add Content Check button in the Transaction Recorder pop-up window. You will be prompted to add the text that you want to verify as part of your transaction. When you are satisfied, click Save.
    To add a Transaction Step, click on the "Add Step" button in the Transaction Recorder pop-up window. You will then be prompted to specify a name for the step. Once you have added a name, you may continue interacting with your website.
  3. Stop Recording
    Once you have finished recording your transaction steps, click Stop Recording. You will then have the option to Resume Recording, Clear Recording, or Upload Recording.
  4. Upload
    If you are happy with your recorded transaction, click Upload Recording. You will then be prompted to securely log into your Uptrends account. Once you have successfully logged in, the Transaction Recorder will ask for your recording details. These details will be made visible in your account, as soon as you click Start Upload.

Step 3: Submit your recording for review

When your recording is uploaded, the Transaction Recorder tells you that the recording is put in your recordings queue, which is visible in your account via Monitors > Recordings queue. This list contains all of your recordings, which can be viewed or deleted. If you are satisfied about a particular recording, please go ahead and submit it for review.

Step 4: Review & Activation

After you have submitted your transaction recording, the transaction will be held in review for 24-48 hours.

When your transaction is in review, our support engineers will evaluate your transaction steps to ensure they are stable and secure. Until your transaction is approved, data will not be collected.

Step 5: View the Results

To view the status of your transactions, you can log into your account and access the Monitor Status dashboard underneath the Monitors menu.

You can also see if our support engineers have posted any additional questions or notes to your transaction review ticket via the Your Support Tickets page linked beneath the Support menu.

Need additional help configuring your transactions?

Check out these helpful Transaction troubleshooting tips in our Knowledge Base, or file a support ticket for additional assistance.