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Lesson: Transaction Monitors

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Transaction Monitors, or Web Application Monitors, test your crucial user interactions for function and performance on regularly scheduled intervals. You always know the state of your transactions. Transaction Monitoring is so important, we have an entire course on the topic.

How does Transaction Monitoring work?

Imagine your users at a computer interacting with your site using a browser window. They fill out forms, click buttons, and make selections as they navigate through a transaction on your site. Now replace that user with a robot doing the exact same thing. That’s what happens when you monitor your transactions. Our checkpoint computers open a current Chrome browser and use a script to navigate to your site and perform the same interactions your users do every day. While the checkpoints check for the proper function, they also check your transactions for speed. If they find an error or your transactions fall below expected performance standards, you know about it.

Did you say “Script?”

Yes, the checkpoint follows a script to conduct the test. The script is a Selenium-like script, but don’t worry, you don’t have to code any script if you don’t want to. We have the Transaction Recorder to help you with that.

The Transaction Recorder is a Chrome extension that tracks your progress as you click through your transactions. Once recorded, you have two choices:

  1. Have our support team use your recording to write and test your script for you (Full-Service Transactions), or
  2. Use our Self-Service Transactions to write and manage your scripts yourself using the Transaction Recorder or write your script directly.

You do as much or as little as you like.

How do I get started with Transaction Monitoring?

We have a whole course dedicated to recording and editing your transactions (Take me there!). We recommend that you start there, and if you still have questions, our Support team is just a Support Ticket away.

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