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In this course we walk you through the basics and not so basic aspects of planning for, setting up, testing, modifying, and understanding the resulting reports for your transaction monitors.

This course contains the following  lessons:

Web Application Monitoring is a systematic approach to proactively test your website for key functionality (e.g., logging in, search, form submits, shopping carts, and reservations) for error-free operation and performance. With regularly scheduled checks from our huge network of worldwide checkpoints, you will know about a problem before your users experience it.

Web Application Monitoring uses a script and a current Chrome browser to mimic an actual user visiting your site. To generate a script, you use our Transaction Recorder to make a recording as you click through your transaction. Uptrends uses the recording to generate a script that either you or our support team optimizes into a transaction script. You have several scripting options depending on your comfort level:

  • You can have our support team test and modify your recording for you.
  • Use our Step Editor to perfect and test the script yourself (intermediate and advanced users).

If you don't want to use the Transaction Recorder, you can:

  • Generate your script from scratch using the Step Editor (advanced users).
  • Upload or cut-and-paste a script you write using our text editor or use our API (power users).

All the control you want, the choice is yours.

No matter which scripting options you choose, our support team is ready to help you out when and if you need assistance.