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Uptrends account

The Uptrends account is the main account for the Uptrends app that you get when starting a trial or buying a subscription plan. The subscriber who holds this account has administrator privileges in the Uptrends app and can give other people access to the Uptrends account. These users are called operators. They can have different access rights (based on their role or responsibilities) which are handled through permissions.

You can access the account setting by going to the menu Account setup > Account settings. Read the knowledge base articles listed below for further info on a number of topics related to the Uptrends account.

Passwords and login info

Password policy

Auto-login with bookmarked URL

Forgot your password?

User accounts



Time zones

Payment and subscriptions

Payment options

Adding extra monitors and credits

Upgrading your account

Downgrading your account

Cancelling your account

IP addresses used by Uptrends

IP addresses for whitelisting

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