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The Timezone setting is a setting that influences how monitored times are reported, based on (you guessed it) your timezone.

This setting is typically configured during account setup, but can be changed by accessing the “Account settings” link located under the Account menu dropdown.

Note: Changing this setting will introduce a gap or overlap in existing data, because the application does not recalculate existing data. This may cause artifacts within the data.

Daylight Savings

In the Uptrends application, some timezones are marked with an asterisk (*), or hash sign (#) to indicate that the timezone is subject to Daylight Savings.

  • `*` timezones are on the Northern hemisphere.
  • `#` timezones are on the Southern hemisphere.
  • Some timezones do not observe DLS and have no * or #.

If you want to see times in UTC, use the GMT timezone (without `*` marking) for this. This timezone setting does not observe DLS. Please note this is not the same as GMT* (England, Ireland), which does observe DLS.

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