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Upgrading your account

Are you looking to add additional monitors, SMS credits, or additional functionality? Perhaps, you’re looking to move from a trial account to a paid subscription. That’s great!

Uptrends scales to fit the needs of your business, so read on to learn about how to upgrade your account.

Upgrading from a trial account

To upgrade from a trial account after the 30-day free trial expires, simply follow the instructions given in the trial expiration e-mail you will have received.

If you are interested in upgrading before the end of your trial, please let us know by filing a support ticket. One of our sales representatives will reach out to you to come up with a subscription package that best suits your needs!

Upgrading from an existing paid account

If you are in need of additional monitors, SMS credits, or simply want more powerful tools, you can upgrade at anytime. You’ll only pay the difference between the two package prices, calculated on the total time that your monitoring contract is set to run through.

Simply contact us by filing a support ticket, and one of our support or sales representatives will reach out to you to make the adjustments to your account.

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