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Two-factor authentication setup

For setting up two-factor authentication in Uptrends an account administrator first needs to configure the account-wide default setting. After that the operator main settings can be overridden individually if so configured. An authenticator app of choice can be used.

Enabling account-wide default login options

This setting can only be configured by account administrators.

In Uptrends, go to Account setup > Account settings and check one of the options at Two-factor authentication setting.

screenshot 2FA account setting

  • Required - Basic operators are required to use two-factor authentication using a time-based one-time password.
  • Optional - Basic operators can choose whether to use two-factor authentication using a time-based one-time password.
  • Disabled - Two-factor authentication using a time-based one-time password cannot be used within the whole account.

Two-factor authentication settings for operators

After configuring the default login options for operators, choose a login option on the Main tab of the operator page, in the section Login options for this operator. Here the default status of two-factor authentication in your account is displayed and the option of overriding the default account-wide settings for two-factor authentication for this specific operator. (Still, this setting can only be configured by account administrators.)

screenshot 2FA operator login options At Two-factor authentication setting check the Override two-factor authentication settings to override the settings if needed.

  • Required - Two-factor authentication must be used. The setup will be triggered during the operator’s next login.
  • Optional - Two-factor authentication can be set up manually on this screen.
  • Disabled - Two-factor authentication cannot be used.

To clear the two-factor authentication configuration and set it up again click the Reset two-factor authentication button.

Note: Two-factor authentication with time-based one-time passwords does not work in combination with Single Sign-on (SSO) in Uptrends.

There are several ways for an administrator or operator to enable or trigger setting up two-factor authentication:

Operator settings

In Uptrends go to Account setup > Operators and groups (and sub accounts), select the operator and click Scan QR code to set up two-factor authentication. A popup will open. Use an authenticator app of your choice to scan the QR code. Fill in the 6-digit code provided by the authenticator app. After clicking Finish the two-factor authentication has successfully been set up.

By operator invitation

When an operator required to use two-factor authentication is invited to Uptrends the process to set up two-factor authentication will be part of accepting the operator’s invitation. The authentication process is the same, with an authenticator app of choice providing a time-based one-time password.

After logging in, an operator required to use two-factor authentication will be presented with a page notifying them of an email. That email message contains a link to a page within Uptrends where two-factor authentication can be enabled. After that the operator will be logged in. The operator will need to login with a time-based one-time password from that moment on.

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