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Main settings for operators

When you have added an operator you have to configure a few settings, starting with settings on the Main tab of the operator page. The options are described in this article. You have to have administrator rights to add and configure operators.

Login information

Login information is provided during operator setup. Learn more in our KB article Add or delete an operator.

Language settings

The Language is configured during account setup. The language, as specified in the account settings, will be displayed, and used by default. If you want to override the account language, select Override account language and choose another language in the pull-down menu.

Operator role

The Operator role setting can be used to indicate the role that specific operators have within the company, for internal reference. A special role is the User for alert routing, which can be used as a flag to indicate that that particular operator is to be used only to receive, parse, and process alerting emails.

Newsletter subscription settings

The Newsletter subscription options allow operators (and administrators) to configure which types of emails are to be received. The individual options are to enable the receiving of feature updates, which are general messages regarding newly released or updated features, and checkpoint updates, which contain updates regarding our checkpoint network (new checkpoints added, old ones removed, changes in IP addresses, etc).

By default, operators will receive feature update emails, while the checkpoint updates are only sent to account administrators and operators marked as technical contact.

Default dashboard

The Default dashboard is configured as as specified by your administrator during account setup but can be changed by choosing another dashboard in the pull-down menu.

Learn more about dashboards in our KB article Dashboards and public status pages.

Time zone settings

During the Uptrends account setup (when logging in for the first time) the time zone has been set for the entire account. This setting applies to all operators that are added to the Uptrends account. You can find the time zone setting in Account setup > Account settings.

If you have an Enterprise account, you have the option to introduce an additional time zone to individual operators. This is handy for operators that work in a different time zone than the default time zone in your Uptrends account.

In the Timezone settings choose the option Additional timezone and choose the appropriate time zone from the list. Then click the Save button to activate this option.

Now the operator can see this extra information for timestamps:

  • Within any monitor check detail, both timestamps based on the default and additional time zone will be shown.
  • In the Monitor log dashboard (go to Monitoring > Monitor log), when you hover over the timestamp of a log entry, the timestamp in the additional time zone will be shown.

Phone settings

A mobile phone number is provided during operator setup. Read more in our KB article Add or delete an operator.

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