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User management hub

Note: This feature is currently available only when using the new app menu. Read more about it in the KB article about the main menu.

Operators are at the core of getting your Uptrends alerts and interface to the right people within your organisation. Operators are the accounts of your users within Uptrends, allowing them to view monitors and dashboards, receive alerting directly, and if they’re administrators, create new or edit existing monitors, operators, groups, etc. To help ensure the setup of operators in your account is optimal, your account contains the User management hub.

To get to the user management hub, go to Account setup > Operators and groups in the main menu (if you have an enterprise account, the menu item is titled Operators, groups and sub accounts instead).

This hub provides a simple overview of several relevant details regarding the operators in your account:

  • How many operators do you currently have.
  • How many of these operators are currently on duty.
  • An overview of your operator groups, and an indication of any empty operator groups you may have.
  • If you have an enterprise account, how many sub accounts you are using.

User management hub

Additionally, the user management hub allows you to directly create new operators, operator groups, or (for enterprise accounts) new sub accounts. The menu on the right-hand side of the hub contains relevant information, and links to documentation.

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