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Deleting a sub account

Deleting a sub account is pretty straightforward; you remove the operators and then delete the sub account. However, we’ve got a few tips for you that will make deleting sub accounts and sub-account operators a little easier, especially if you manage several sub accounts.

Delete a sub account

We recommend that you delete the sub account operators before deleting the sub account. Why? While the sub account is active, you can easily identify the operators of a given sub account on the Operators page.

  1. Open the sub account settings page (Account setup > Sub accounts).
  2. Navigate to the Operators tab.
  3. Delete the operators (see Sub account operator management for operator deletion instructions). The Member of groups column will help you identify the sub account operators.
  4. Navigate to Account setup > Monitor groups.
  5. Click to open the monitor group for the sub account.
  6. Click Delete this monitor group.
  7. Go back to the sub account’s settings page.
  8. Click Delete this sub account.
Note: Just removing the operators from the sub account without deleting them gives the orphaned sub-account operators access to a read-only view of the primary account. Following the procedure outlined above helps you to avoid orphaned sub-account operators.
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