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FAQ for sub account holders

As a sub account holder, you may have questions about using your account. Although you need to reach out to your provider for support, there are a lot of things you can learn here in our knowledge base and our Basics that apply to your account. The first thing you need to know is the type of sub account you have.

  • Read-only access: Your provider sets up the monitors for you and maintains them. You have access to your user settings, reports, custom dashboards, and possibly alerting (also set up and maintained by your provider).
  • Access to monitor settings: With this sub-account type you have access to your monitor settings, custom dashboards, and you can add (but not remove) new operators. If your provider set up alerts for you, you can receive alerts.
  • Full access to add and change monitors: With this sub-account type, you can do everything the other two account types can do like add operators and modify monitors, but you can also add new monitors as long as you have additional monitors available to you.

Knowing your sub-account type helps you know the limitations and capabilities of your account moving forward. If you feel you should have a sub account with more features, please reach out to your provider to discuss your options.

As a sub-account holder, how do I get support?

Sub-account holders get support through their account provider. You may also access our Basics and knowledge base at any time.

I’m not getting alerts, what do I need to do?

Alerting is set up by your provider. If you were getting alerts before and suddenly stopped, you might want to check your operator settings. Go the the bottom of the menu and click on your user name then select User settings and make sure your email and phone number are still current.

If you have access to Account setup > Operators, groups and subaccounts click the View all operators button and make sure that the Active toggle is on (green) and the On duty reads “Yes”. If you cannot access this information, reach out to your provider for assistance.

How do I modify my monitor settings?

If your account type is read-only access, you can’t modify your monitors nor view their settings. If you have access to monitor settings:

  1. Navigate to Monitoring > Monitor setup on the main menu.
  2. Click the monitor name you would like to edit.

The article Adding monitors has basic set up instructions, and for detailed monitor set up instructions, see the Monitor types section in the knowledge base

Can I add more monitors?

If you have the right level of access and you have unused monitors available to you, click the + button in the Monitoring > Monitor setup menu. If you do not have any available monitors, this button will not appear. If you think you should have available monitors and the button is missing, contact your provider.

I have two monitors available but I can’t setup an advanced monitor like the Full Page Check. Why?

Think about your available monitor count as credits instead of actual monitors. Most monitor types require that you have one credit to “purchase” the monitor. Full Page Checks and other advanced monitor types require more credits. For example a Full Page Check requires a minimum of three available monitors in your account. If you do not have at least three monitors available in your account, you can not add a Full Page Check.

I need to remove an operator from a sub account. How do I delete operators?

Only your provider can remove operators, please contact your provider.

How do I change my phone number or email?

You always have access to update your operator or user settings. Go the the bottom of the menu and click on your user name then select User settings.

I don’t see my problem listed here, so what do I do?

Please contact your provider with any other questions, or search our knowledge base.

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