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Sub accounts use cases

Note: As of May 2022, newly created Uptrends Enterprise accounts will no longer be able to use sub accounts. Instead, the permissions system can be used to set up a separate team within the account.

Sub accounts allow Uptrends' customers to offer limited access to their account. The amount of control sub account operators can have over the dashboards and monitors in the sub account is controlled by the parent account. In this article we will cover a few common use cases for using sub accounts.

Customer transparency

Some of Uptrends customers want to offer transparency to their customers by exposing specific reports. For example, a web service provider may offer their users the opportunity to view uptime and performance reports as part of their SLA. By creating a sub account, they can expose specific dashboards and specific monitors for their customer’s access. These operators may also create their own custom dashboards based on the monitors exposed to them in the sub account.

Vendor Access

An Uptrends customer may choose to create a sub account for use by their vendors such as a third-party content vendor. The Uptrends customer can set up monitors that watch over the performance and availability of the third party’s web service or API. Alert definitions defined for the sub account can notify the vendor immediately of any problems detected with their content or service. The vendor signs into their sub account to view the error logs helping with root-cause analysis and faster problem resolution.


We have companies that sell our monitoring service as part of their hosting package or market our product to other companies in partnership with Uptrends. These resellers set up sub accounts to provide the monitoring service to their customers. These sub accounts will often have the ability to manage and create their own monitors that they purchase from the reseller.

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