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Creating alert definitions

An alert definition states how and to whom to send an alert using escalation levels. Before an alert definition works (as desired) you have to set up error conditions, which are the rules that trigger an alert.

An escalation level contains a series of parameters for alert generation, number of reminders, notification method, and who will receive it.

Note: A default alert definition is already configured within your Uptrends account. You can either change its rules or create your own from scratch.

Creating an alert definition

To configure a custom alert definition:

  1. Go to to the menu Alerting > Alert definitions.
  2. Click the Add Alert Definition button.
  3. Add an alert definition name.
  4. Select the Active check box to enable the alert.
  5. Choose the monitors the alert definition applies to.
  6. Set up your escalation levels, see the article on escalation levels for detailed information.
  7. Click the Save button.
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