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Clearing errors

It is possible to clear individual errors or a group of errors (both unconfirmed and confirmed) which are deemed incorrect or unwanted. Single (or a small number of) errors can be cleared by you. If you have a whole lot of errors to clear, Uptrends will assist you with that, see Clearing errors in bulk.

Note that clearing errors does not automatically recalculate the metrics that are based on errors, like service level agreement (SLA) statistics or public status page numbers. See Effect on SLAs and public status page data on how to deal with recalculating statistics depending on whether you cleared the errors yourself or requested that from Support.

Note: Unfortunately it is impossible to recalculate SLAs for data older than 90 days, as that data is not retained past this time period.

How to clear individual errors

To clear an error in your account:

  1. Go to the menu Monitoring > Monitor log.
  2. Click on the error that you wish to clear. The Check details related to this error will appear.
  3. At the bottom of the pop-up click the Clear error button.
  4. Confirm the action with the Clear button.

The error will be changed to an OK result, which is immediately visible in the Monitor log dashboard.

The corresponding uptime percentage data will be changed as well. Due to caching, the changes may take some time to become visible.

Clearing errors in bulk

Sometimes you may want to clear errors for a specific time range (for example, several days of downtime). Rather than clearing each error out individually, we advise that you do the following:

  1. Go to the menu Monitoring > Monitor log.
  2. Click on an error. The Check details related to the error will appear.
  3. At the bottom of the pop-up click the Clear multiple errors button. The Clear errors request form will appear.
  4. Fill in the mandatory information, which are the monitor(s) and date range. Add any optional information relevant to your request, like a status code.
  5. Click the Send button.

When you send your request, a ticket for the Uptrends Support team will be automatically created. The Support team will process your request and update you when it is completed.

Effect on SLAs (service level agreements) and public status page data

Clearing errors does not automatically change existing SLA data, including public status page data, which is also calculated SLA data.

However, it is possible to recalculate it. When you requested clearing multiple errors by the Support team, the recalculation of data is included in the process. You don’t have to request this separately.

This is different when you have cleared errors yourself. In that case, please contact Support through a support ticket, and express what you would like to do.

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