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Working with error snapshots

So, your website is down, but you don’t know why. You log into your Uptrends website monitoring account, and you deduce that users may be experiencing a connection error. But how? By checking your monitor error details and error snapshots.

What is an error snapshot?

An error snapshot is a screenshot grabbed by the Uptrends service to show you what your users may be experiencing in-browser when a problem is occurring.

screenshot of check details with error snapshot

How do error snapshots work?

Uptrends generates error snapshots in specific circumstances.

  • Snapshots are available for HTTP(S), Web Service (HTTP(S)), and Transaction monitors only.
  • Uptrends creates snapshots for specific errors only (e.g., pattern match errors, but not for performance limit errors). In the case of an infrastructure related error, such as a TCP connection error, we don’t have any content to show.
  • The Uptrends service only creates snapshots for confirmed errors that are first in a sequence. Consecutive errors do not receive an error snapshot.
    Note: It may take a few minutes for error snapshots to appear after an error has occurred, and in some circumstances, a snapshot may be unavailable depending on the content that Uptrends receives.
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