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Integration permissions

Integrations are used in the escalation levels of alert definitions to set the communication channels for alert messages. By granting integration permissions to operators, you control who can create, edit, or use the integration in alert definitions.

Note: Administrators can always create, use, and edit integrations. They also can change permissions on integrations.

Who can manage permissions?

Administrators (members of the Administrators operator group) can always set and change all integration permissions.

Additionally, an operator with both the permissions Create integration (set for an operator or operator group) and Edit integration (set on an integration) can also manage the permissions of integrations created by themselves.

Permission types

There are two places where permissions are maintained: on the operator (group) or on the integration itself.

Create integration

The Create integrations permission is set for an operator or operator group. Check out the knowledge base article Permissions on how this works.

Use integration

The Use integration permission gives an operator the right to use the integration in the escalation levels of an alert definition. In the list of integrations on the escalation level tabs (of an alert definition), you will see all integrations that you have the Use integration right for.

This permission does not grant access to the integration itself. You won’t see it in the list of integrations (Alerting > Integrations) where integrations are managed.

The integration Email is available for use by all members of the Everyone operator group. This is to ensure that you can choose at least one integration, if you have alert definition access rights, but no integrations access has been granted to you yet. The Email integration comes with no extra Uptrends cost, while SMS integrations use SMS credits.

Are you using API calls to get information on integrations? Then a GET request will return all integrations that you have the Use integration permission for. This way you can retrieve the GUID information of the integration which is needed to add the integration to an alert definition, also using APIs. The request returns the name, the type and the GUID of the integration.

Edit integration

This permission is more powerful than the Use integration because it gives you the right to change the integration. In fact, the Edit integration permission includes the Use integration permission—you don’t have to assign both.

If you have the Edit integration permission for an integration you will see it in the list of integrations in (Alerting > Integrations).

This permission includes the right to delete the integration.

Managing permissions

To set or change permissions:

  1. Go to Alerting > Integrations.
  2. In the list of integrations, click the one you want to edit.
  3. Open the Permissions tab.
  4. Click the Add permission button.
  5. From the popup dialog choose the operator group (or operator) and the permission type, then click the Add button.
  6. To remove a permission, select Delete from the list Permissions.
  7. Click the Save button at the bottom to save the changes you just made.
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