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SMS troubleshooting

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SMS alerts are one of the best ways to stay in sync with the status of your website, servers, and web services. If your SMS alerts are failing to be received, that’s a big deal!

Below you’ll find a series of SMS troubleshooting options:

Altering Additional Senders

If you aren’t able to receive test SMS messages, you can try tweaking the following account settings (located within the Change Account Settings tab beneath the Accounts dropdown) and test if you’re able to receive the test SMS messages.

  1. Turn on the option “Use numeric sender"
    Some providers have issues receiving messages from numeric senders, some from alphabetic senders. By default, we use an alphabetic sender.
  2. Switch to another gateway provider
    We offer 4 different providers. Some phone numbers may have issue with provider A, and can successfully receive text messages using provider B, C, or D.

Unblocking Via Your Provider


By default, some phone numbers from SPRINT users may be blocked. But don’t panic! There is a way to unblock your number yourself, by texting UPTRENDS to 46786.

If this action is successful, you should start receiving SMS messages as configured in your account.

If this effort fails, you will need to contract your carrier directly to get the block removed from your account.


Some AT&T users may have difficulty receiving SMS messages by default, but you can unblock your number by texting UPTRENDS to 64085.

If this does not work, please contact your carrier and have them remove the block from your account.

SMS issues for operators in China and India

Due to spam filters in China and do-not-call registries in India, SMS alerting may not work for operators in these countries. Learn more.

Still having trouble?

If you’ve tried these SMS troubleshooting options but are still unable to receive alerts, please contact support by filing a ticket.

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