API served from multiple IP addresses

The Uptrends API is served from multiple locations with multiple IP addresses. Which address the api.uptrends.com domain gets resolved to, can typically change every five minutes.

Tip: If you need to whitelist our applications, our advice is to whitelist the uptrends.com and uptrendsinfra.com domain and subdomains (for HTTPS only, and for IPv4 and IPv6) as this would make you agnostic to any changes that occur to our IP addresses.

API IP addresses to whitelist


Other IP addresses of the Uptrends service


  • customername.uptrends.com: and
  • app.uptrends.com:,,, and
  • www.uptrends.com: and and
  • status.uptrends.com: and

Uptrends Infra

  • api.uptrendsinfra.com: and
  • app.uptrendsinfra.com: and
  • collector.uptrendsinfra.com: and
  • www.uptrendsinfra.com: and and

IPv6 range

  • 2001:1AF8:3100:B171::0/64