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Password policy and restrictions

We strive to deliver the fastest, most secure access to our server and website monitoring service, and part of that process is ensuring that our users are adequately protecting themselves and their accounts.

Below, you will read about our password policy, and how to reset your password in the event that you have forgotten it.

Password policy

Currently there is no password policy in place, though for security reasons we do require that passwords are a minimum of 6 characters in length, and a maximum of 32. It is advised, however, that your password does not contain any recognizable patterns, and uses a mixture of letters, numbers, and special characters.

Password storage

We only store hashed versions of user passwords, and have no way to retrieve an existing password. That does not mean that you are out of luck if you have forgotten your password, however!

Password reset

It is possible to perform a secure password reset through the Uptrends application login screen. You will need to fill in your Account ID number or e-mail address, and a password recovery e-mail will be sent out.

In the event that you no longer have access to your account e-mail address, you will need to file a support ticket on our website, and follow-up with our support engineers to verify that you are an account administrator.

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