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From classic to new user interface

Note: The new menu is the standard as of 10 May 2023 and all accounts are set to use the new menu. You will not be able to switch back to the classic menu.

The user interface (UI) of the Uptrends app has been out there for quite some years and it was time for a change.

One of the goals of the new UI is the integration of Uptrends' products Synthetics, RUM and Infra within the same Uptrends app. This becomes obvious in the new side menu and the new dashboard “360-degree overview”, which shows information from the various products. In addition, the UI got an overall fresher look and hubs were added that present related information in one place.

This article will help you to find your way in the new UI of the Uptrends app. Many things have changed, but may not affect the way you work. For example, the dashboards have been restyled for a fresh look. This looks different, but you still find the things you need in the well-known places.

The menu is a different story. It has been totally reworked, positions of menus and even some names have changed. Uptrends recommends checking the Classic vs new menu comparison table and the Menu section to learn more about the changes.

Classic vs new menu

The table below shows how the classic menu maps to the new menu.

Tip: If you don’t know where to find something in the new menu, but you know the menu name in the classic menu, you can always use the search function in the side menu to try to find the new menu location.
Classic menu New side menu
Monitors > Monitor log Monitoring > Monitor log
Monitors > Monitor status Monitoring > Status details
Monitors > Monitors Monitoring > Monitor setup
Monitors > Monitor groups Account setup > Monitor groups
Monitors > RUM websites RUM > Real users > RUM websites
Monitors > Monitor templates Account setup > Monitor templates
Monitors > Maintenance periods Account setup > Maintenance periods
Dashboards, various dashboards Dashboards > Browse all
Dashboards > Add dashboard Dashboards > Add new dashboard OR Dashboards > Browse all > Add new dashboard
Dashboards > Manage dashboards Dashboards > Browse all
Dashboards > Manage scheduled reports Account setup > Scheduled reports
Dashboards > Manage public status pages Account setup > Public status pages
Alerts > Alert status Alerting > Current alert status
Alerts > Alert log Alerting > Alert history
Alerts > Alert definitions Alerting > Alert definitions
Alerts > Integrations Alerting > Integrations
SLA > SLA overview Dashboards > Synthetics > SLA overview
SLA > SLA definitions Account setup > SLA definitions
Account > all menus Account setup
Apps & Extras > Tools Tools & apps > Diagnostic tools
Apps & Extras > Transaction recorder Tools & app > Download transaction recorder OR Synthetics > Transactions > Download transaction recorder
Apps & Extras > Mobile apps Tools & apps > Mobile apps
Support > all menus Support
Unconfirmed/confirmed error counter (top right) Badges (yellow or red with counter), right to Synthetics, RUM, and Infra in the menu
User account (name), top right with classic menu User account (name), bottom of the side menu

Changes in the UI

The following improvements are part of the new UI:

  • Side menu, check out the Menu section for the details
  • Hubs, a new way of presenting you with nutshell information on the actual monitoring situation, some background info, and links to further reading.
  • Dashboard overview (Dashboards > All dashboards), including thumbnail views, that allows you to browse and search all Synthetics, Infra, RUM, and 360 dashboards.
  • Option to mark dashboards as favorite by clicking the Favorite button (star) at the top right of the dashboard while the dashboard is visible
  • Favorites section in the Dashboard menu to quickly access dashboards marked as favorite
  • Search option to search through all menu items and many Uptrends items
  • Dedicated sections in the Synthetics menu for transactions, browser, API, and uptime monitors
  • Gear icons of the dashboard tiles were changed to three-dot menu icons
  • Feedback option (in the Support menu) for sending quick feedback

Please visit the page User interface for a detailed description of the user interface parts.

The following changes have been implemented in the new menu:

  • While the classic menu is located at the top, the new one is located at the side.
  • The three main products Uptrends Synthetics, Uptrends Real User Monitoring, and Uptrends Infra are accessible in one menu.
  • Within Synthetics, there are dedicated sections for the main monitor types: Transactions, Browser-based monitors (Full Page Checks), API monitors and Uptime monitors (HTTP(S), SSL, DNS, SMTP, Ping, etc.)
  • You can collapse and expand the menu, giving more (or less) space to dashboards. Optionally, you can pin the menu.
  • The favorite dashboards show up as quick links in the Dashboards menu.
  • A search feature for menu entries and many Uptrends app items is available at the top of the side menu.
  • The grouping of menu items and their menu names have changed. Please check the menu mapping table Classic vs new menu.
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