The search functionality is a global search, searching across all of the Uptrends app. It is located at the top of the menu.

screenshot search field in menu

Just select the Slash (/) key to jump to the search box and type in (part of) the word you want to search for. Select the Enter key and the search results will be presented below the search box.

The search functionality is very powerful. It includes many items within the Uptrends application. You can search for:

You could search for everything containing the word “transaction” or for operators with a certain (part of) surname. Or maybe you have a series of monitors with the customer’s name in the monitor name. You then can easily search based on the customer’s name.

Below is an example, showing that the search will bring up results from different parts of Uptrends, monitors and operators in this case, having the search term “trav” in common.

screenshot of search example

We’re interested in your experience with the search functionality. At the bottom of the search results you find a link Help improve this search function. Please send us feedback by clicking the link and entering a comment, then submit it.

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