Uptrends features one of the largest server and website monitoring checkpoint networks in the industry. It has never been easier to monitor your websites, servers, and web services from a variety of locations, around the globe.

But how does our checkpoint system work?

Checkpoints algorithm

When you add a monitor for tracking, you have the ability to choose a series of checkpoints from our global monitoring network to check your service status from.

The checks that are performed select from these checkpoints at random, never selecting a checkpoint twice in a row.

In the event of an unconfirmed error, the Uptrends service performs a downtime double-check via another checkpoint to ensure that the error is true.

  • If that checkpoint also reports an error, the error is confirmed and listed as such in the Monitor Error log.
  • If that checkpoint does not report an error, it is assumed that the downtime was temporary.

Round-robin support (monitoring checks performed by checkpoints in a fixed order)

We do not support a 'round robin' option.