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Beta programs

From time to time we’ll offer beta programs for new features in our products. We want to give some of our customers the opportunity to test new features in an early stage. If you are participating in a beta program, you will gain insight on future developments and we will get your feedback in return. The feedback is meant to find out if the feature is understood, if it meets your expectations and while trying it out, what does work and what doesn’t.
Our approach is to broaden the audience in stages, by making the feature available to more and more users. By processing your feedback and test results, we’ll have well tested features in the end, that work stable and meet expectations of a broad community.

General info about beta programs

Beta programs usually start with a private beta. We invite a selected group of customers, who have expressed interest in the feature, to join the program. The next step is a public beta version where we open up the program to a wider audience. After that there will be the official release and the feature reaches General Availability. In some cases we’ll have a technical preview available.

What you can expect from us

  • A feature that is released in a beta program already has a lot of functional value. However, you have to consider whether the feature is useful for you or your company. If you’re not sure about the suitability, you may discuss this with your Account Manager.
  • Depending on the situation, not all (parts of) the features may be available. Sometimes we release a feature in phases. Beta program participants are kept up-to-date on big updates.
  • There might be no or little documentation available. We’ll provide some instructions, though, once the beta program is activated for your account. The instructions are communicated by email or through online documentation.
  • Even when the software is still in beta status and not officially released yet, it is fully supported. Keep in mind that, during beta programs some parts of the software may not be as mature as an official release and problems can occur.
  • Unexpected results may occur as a result of using a beta feature. When this happens, please contact Support immediately. We’ll do our very best to perform any necessary repairs in your data or the way you can interact with the software. We want you to benefit from the new feature as much as possible, without disrupting your normal expectations of the monitoring service.

What we expect from you

  • If you have access to a feature in a beta program, communicate this within your organisation. All affected parties should know about the fact that you are using beta software and what the conditions are. In private beta programs we’ll ask you to register a contact person to keep in touch about how the beta feature works out for you and to discuss any questions you may have.
  • Before you start, take a moment to think about how you want to use the new feature. If you are not sure if your intended use is within the scope of the feature, please contact Support or your Account Manager.
  • A beta program is most successful if there is real feedback. Bug reports, comments on whether your expectations are met or you are missing some features? Let us know about the positive and negative things you come across. If you are already talking to your Account Manager, then bring it up with him or her. And you are always welcome to open a Support ticket if you have a comment or question.

Features currently in beta programs

A feature in beta is labeled with a Beta label, throughout the Uptrends app and in our online support documentation. As soon as the feature is no longer part of a beta program, this label will be removed.

There are currently no active beta programs.

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